How does a gifted child educate his children?

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1. Education gifted children should pay attention to

1, provide intellectual challenge

your child may be able to accomplish tasks faster than other children at school, so he will feel bored or not interested. You can provide a greater intellectual challenge to support him, engage him in a variety of games and activities, and maintain his enthusiasm.

2, praise your child

your child is talented enough to make you proud of him. Appreciate his hard work and intelligence, which can improve his confidence level, realize self-worth.

gifted children learn quickly in.

3, enjoy the time together

you can have more links with your gifted children, make more fun. Spend more time with children and teach them about the world. But remember, don't always let him concentrate on learning, but also to enjoy life.

4, the child is not an adult

no matter how clever your child is, he is still a child, not an adult. He will always need your guidance and protection, not ask him to do it all. Failure can strike down his confidence, and he will be afraid of the next.

5, don't get too much

genius children need a variety of activities of intellectual stimulation, but make sure that he will not burden too heavy. Don't let him have no free time, let him have enough time to rest and relax.

6, the child is not perfect

although your child is a genius, but do not urge him to develop the perfect habit. Even if he has talent, does not mean that he can stand out in all things. Help the child in his field of excellence, more outstanding, not all things.

two, gifted children are likely to behave, not easy to


development in an all-round way your child may easily on an intellectual level of growth, but not all. For example, he may not be able to get along well with other children, have a good social life, resulting in very few friends.

2, easily obsessed with perfect

gifted children are apt to ask themselves to be perfect, but this can lead to serious disappointment and loss of confidence. Your child may not be able to complete his set goals, affecting his psychology.


children are likely to be particularly sensitive to subtle ways to observe and reflect on the surrounding things and conditions. So it may be difficult for him to accept any form of rejection, whether it's a level of knowledge or emotion.

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