Bare black chain: the loan is not to pick a beautiful girl of debt


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bare black chain | pretty girls choose loan is not money to debt transfer and province "right"

". The meat can finally feel at ease, and never have to be afraid of those who were harassing phone calls. "Since in bare lending, Wang Ying attempts to Dutch act even in a constant state of anxiety. The last time she was lenders demand meat compensation debt (sex debt), Wang Ying eventually decided to stand out in the official lending treasure and the help of the police, the lenders Yang captured. Yang confessed to the police, before Wang Ying, it has succeeded in forcing two girls meat compensation debt.

Nandu reporter survey found that a lot of lenders specializing in the selection of beautiful girls as lending targets, and its related to the sale of pornographic videos as pornographic resources. Many female college students in the bare lending huoxianhuoshen, sellers then nurturing, meat compensation requirements, some female students forced to promise. Most of the female college students for personal fame, etc., do not want to stand out rights, resulting in naked article lending repeatedly banned.

naked bars were asked meat compensation

Wang Ying is a Shandong, Gansu University, in the crisis, before the two times, Wang Ying naked loan experience.

has taken a carefree life before moving on the bare bar, but Wang Ying has changed in June 2015.

at that time, Wang Ying in order to delete their phone call records, Baidu search related methods, the result was 40 thousand yuan fraud. And the money, Wang Ying through a friend to borrow money for a short time.

friends in order to repay the debt, Wang Ying borrow money around, and through the understanding of QQ lending Cai, the two sides agreed to borrow 3000 yuan, which is 30%. Due to the lack of repayment on time, Wang Ying was forced to pledge nude.

since then, Wang Ying repeatedly used Alipay transfers a few million to pay off all debts. But the nude remand in Cai Cai hands, ask Wang Ying to go to Guangdong to face the elimination of "naked", otherwise it will be sent to the nude photos of Wang Ying's friends. Wang Ying was very afraid, afraid to go to Guangdong will be unexpected, a bite of CAI ignored, the two sides finally break contact. Fortunately, the other did not move further.

because of the bare in lending treasure account, payment by Alipay, which caused Wang Ying in lending treasure platform generated 11636 yuan overdue record.

in order to continue to repay the money owed to his friends, in July 2016, Wang Ying once again by way of naked lending, to the QQ on the understanding of the intermediary Wang borrowed 3000 yuan. Soon, the high interest rate pressure Wang Ying breathless. Family questioning, only to know that Wang Ying has been caught in the naked lending. With the help of his family, Wang Ying cumulative repayment of nearly 50 thousand yuan, and Wang said a lot of good words, to be free.

Wang Ying did not dare to tell his family the amount of arrears, resulting in the previous loan is still on, still face greater debt pressure.

2016 December 20th, Wang Ying contacted by QQ, to lenders Yang Xi 15% borrowing 1000 yuan (excluding interest the actual hand 850 yuan, WeChat transfers). According to Wang Ying memories, the other side in addition to the requirements of a nude mortgage, but also requires the operator to call the record screenshot. Wang Ying said, through Yang QQ space and WeChat page (called campus lending center), you can see the long-term participation of Yang campus lending.

Yang's WeChat screenshot, shown as "campus loan center" in id_imagebox_0 ". Since then, Wang Ying began to pay, as of January 8th this year, Wang Ying has more than 300 yuan repayment, there are still arrears of $550 to $.

at this time, Yang asked Wang Ying on the evening of January 8th, must give the exposed film video, and must be rushed to the Gansu province where the Dingxi City meat compensation debt before January 16th, otherwise to her friend posted nude.

man has stress two Gansu girls sex

Yang once said to Wang Ying, the only local borrowing for female college students in Gansu Province, lending is not only for the purpose of profit, but in order to let the students explained. Yang also revealed on the phone several times, a lot of female students in Gansu regularly meet with him, and there is meat compensation behavior.

Wang Ying was very afraid of Yang's destruction. In desperation, Wang Ying began to turn around, after the loan treasure user rights protection department staff learned that the relevant circumstances, and immediately get in touch with Wang Ying, and communicate, appease work. According to the loan Treasure Department staff recalled, because before Wang Ying repeatedly cheated, is wary of lending to treasure the staff at the beginning, the two sides are not smooth communication.

1 month 11 days, lending treasure three employees (of which two female employees), rushed to Lanzhou, encouraged Wang Ying to stand out, away to the police "naked" lenders evil, said this is the only way to save himself completely from the bare loan in nightmare. At the same time, the staff of the Dingxi municipal government to contact the police, conducted a preliminary communication.

through this face to face communication, loan treasure staff made Wang Ying trust. Wang Ying decided to stand up for their own rights and interests, and hope that through their own examples of other female college students, do not make the same mistake.

1 17, 2009, the staff of the loan treasure once again rushed to the northwest from Beijing, and in January 18th in Qinghai Xining Railway Station and Wang Ying came from the confluence of Zhangye, and then arrived in Gansu

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