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Plastic surgery apple Silicon Valley look

xinlangkeji· 2017-02-09 10:22:26

1976" when Jobs and Wozniak founded the Apple Corp, they should not think later this company will have much impact on the landscape of Silicon Valley, not to mention the influence of Apple Corp on the whole industry of science and technology. Recently, former Apple Corp employees posted a picture online, compared to the Silicon Valley in 1961 and Silicon Valley in 2017.

was in the public Apple Corp's new park construction plan, Jobs also recalled the land was once covered large tracts of fruit trees, now it has been extended from broad suburbs surrounding the housing development and construction company of science and technology and formed a huge circle.

" we see this picture by Silicon Valley in 1961 reflect the scene Hatfield Aerial Survey Santa g Kaka shot, is currently in the collection at the Santa Clara public library. The 2017 map is from the apple map.

according to the previous construction plan of Apple Corp, the new park will be planted a large number of citrus fruit trees, while highlighting the characteristics of this green place, because there had been a large number of previously planted citrus. Apple Corp's new headquarters should be completed in the next few months, when Apple will move into the new park. Apple's new park will use all of the renewable energy, in addition to the new park has a new theater, after the Apple Corp's multimedia activities will be held here.

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