Thailand low cost VR game: realistic all by hand

Thailand the strength of the hand the cost of mobile client

ITzhijia· 2017-02-09 10:22:30

Phuket Island in Thailand

2 Sept. 9 days ago, a "roller coaster" VR game project burst of red network, game player to wear VR glasses, then stood in the experience of the iron shelf, is a bright spot is the artificial power iron shelf, tilt adjustment behind the shake staff will be based on the video in VR the progress of iron shelf for the corresponding.

" in VR hot now, all over the world VR museum also have emerged, much old drivers like VR game "girlfriend", "VR class" is the summer game player with interactive experience to achieve the ultimate, Japan the development of VR olfactory peripherals, game player can smell VR projection screen equipment taste, and even launched a "girl taste". The day before the release of the five sense of honor tecmo VR arcade, but also let the game player game experience with wind, cold and other sensory stimulation. Compared with

, the Thailand VR artificial "roller coaster" is indeed a bit shabby, but users also refer to "no problem", after all, low cost and low energy consumption is quite down to earth, but there are also netizens put forward some interesting questions: if a 200 pounds of tourists Zezheng?

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