Remake, a AirPlay wireless speaker

Garage speakers wireless equipment.

weifengwang· 2017-02-09 10:22:33

said that the most popular digital accessories, wireless speakers absolutely occupy a place. As for the wireless standard, in addition to Bluetooth, and apple special equipment of AirPlay standard, AirPlay speakers usually have better sound quality than Bluetooth speakers, so that its price is generally higher than Bluetooth speakers. Foreign media have done a selection, they chose the ten AirPlay wireless speakers, then the cheapest that section to how much money? The answer is more than 1500 yuan.

" but as we a very famous variety show "exchange space" in a remake, in fact, our home if there is an old sound, we can transform it into the AirPlay sound, and the whole the process is not complicated, now, it is time to test our ability.

first look at what we need to pay attention to the material, adapter, a HDMI to 3.5mm audio this adapter, we usually are used to achieve the TV set-top box to voice sound, but the basic equipment we complete this "project" oh. At the same time, we also need Apple TV and audio cable.

of course, the old sound that is what we are saying here and be nothing difficult, old sound is a kind of traditional interface does not support optical audio input audio, why should emphasize the use of this old sound? Because Apple TV can be directly connected to the optical fiber audio, and the old section of the Apple TV optical fiber audio output port. Roughly the material on these, basically, many of our friends are very easy to gather these materials.

how to transform? The HDMI adapter inserted into Apple TV, and then use the audio cable to connect the audio adapter and, yes, so we will be accomplished! Now we need to do is, we sang the song lyrics to songs for having heard it many times, but instead, "so simple......"

" as to how to realize the wireless we just need to play music, when playing music, select the Apple TV output, a AirPlay wireless speaker, at this moment will appear in front of you.

" and now to a moment of reckoning, generally speaking, many fans have Apple TV home, old audio such "accessories", and a HDMI adapter to 3.5mm audio price in the electronic business platform for tens of dollars, the audio line is also very low price.

more than 1500 yuan? No, the remake is simple, we only need to spend less than one hundred yuan can get a AirPlay speaker, if your friend does not know this "old using" secret, ha ha, you can also in front of their friends to show off, okay, so the next time, will be handed over to you to play oh.

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