Samsung will show on the MWC bending phone

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cnBeta· 2017-02-09 10:22:43

Tencent Francisco, according to South Korean media reports, although not at the end of the month Galaxy S8 MWC officially unveiled, but the Korean giant may not miss the chance to hit the headlines, insiders said that Samsung may show bending intelligent machine prototype rumors has been a long time in MWC.

although the exhibition we see many flexible screen, Lenovo and even showed bending mobile phone prototype, but Samsung this action is different, because the machine is no longer stay in the laboratory experiment, at the end of this year it will be officially. But

, according to ETNews reports, the Samsung may not let the world see put up a pageantry of the folding mobile phone content, instead only a portion of the industry to see the machine in a special exhibition. It is reported that the machine will have a two screen incurved and curved shape, the future Samsung may according to the feedback of its final decision model.

in addition, bending smoothly depends on the available mobile phone supplier Karen industrial "face", because they are responsible for the production of polyimide film material bending screen which is necessary and reliable sources, Karen industrial factories may be next year in January to the mass production of such materials, so Samsung mobile phone may have bounced bending risk. (compiler / Reiz)

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Samsung will show on the MWC bending phone

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