But also to look at those 315 years of embarrassing phone

Mobile phone immediately micro-blog millet

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"3.15" the party should be one thing after the new year the most anticipated, because here you can see a variety of consumer rights have been violated, along with the rise of intelligent mobile phone, in the field of consumer disputes have also been included in the 315 party. In the mobile phone promotion process, inevitably there will be some slight exaggeration to highlight the strong mobile phone, so this time for some consumers on the existence of "false propaganda", which will have a dispute, so let embarrassment and funny things to look at these years mobile phone manufacturers and consumers. This thing is

1, 8848 suspected of false propaganda

nearest together mobile phone false propaganda event should is "gold mobile phone materials and propaganda 8848 titanium does not match", after all, so high 8848 mobile phone sales price, so this thing is direct alerted association. So what are the 8848 mobile phones to touch the restricted area?

" is the first concept of 5 self-made titanium alloys, the actual material for ordinary industrial pure titanium or titanium alloy. 8848 titanium "with 5 mobile phone official website promotion department with the Swiss watch industry and metal titanium alloy, titanium alloy series does not exist 5 argument. According to the results of the test the Association commissioned by the national nonferrous metals and electronic materials analysis and testing center, 8848 titanium mobile phone (peak Edition) circular portion of the back surface of the substrate metal parts of titanium, metal parts with etched on the back part of the material is equivalent to the domestic TC4 titanium alloy.

followed by some of the phone is the use of titanium alloy gold, coupled with the titanium alloy itself is not expensive, so the price of nearly ten thousand dollars is unfounded. And sales outlets in the official website and offline propaganda is not consistent, this time it is big, the official website that "sapphire glass, sapphire crystal glass, and the next line store promotional materials, publicity is the" Sapphire "; the official website claimed that" titanium alloy ", and the next line store promotion is the" titanium".

2. hammer Luo court

users will have to "feeling" as the hammer technology in last year also stalls lawsuit, June 22, 2016 will be Li Zhongqiu Luo Yonghao and hammer technology to court, request a refund of the purchase money 2480 yuan, and compensation for 7440 yuan, a total of 9920 yuan. The reason is that there is a difference between the actual use of the product and the actual use of the hammer technology conference, there are suspected of cheating consumers. But Li Zhongqiu is also Luo fan, seems to spread the spirit of power Luo is really very powerful.

and Li Zhongqiu will tell the court Luo reason was because Luo Yonghao had previously in a Smartisan OS conference said that all software can be uninstalled the hammer on the mobile phone, and said it would provide bootloader for users on micro-blog, but in the actual the sale of T1, Lee found mid autumn Luo Yonghao promised functions have not been met. Is expected after the disappointment, a system update until a year later, Li Zhongqiu found that the application of the new system was built more can not uninstall, after repeated communication with hammer technology is still unsuccessful, Li Zhongqiu will hammer technology and old court together.

the final verdict is returned 2480 yuan hammer technology Li Zhongqiu T1 mobile phone, T1 mobile phone at the same time, Li Zhongqiu will return to buy hammer technology, there is no other compensation, do not know this lawsuit worth playing.

3. millet NFC trouble

NFC this function on the mobile phone for many users believe that the most important function of mobile phone when the bus card, in addition to the NFC mobile phone contact to public transportation card recharge is also a very important function. But for millet, once because of this NFC feature is the user to find trouble.

users Zhang claimed that, in October 15, 2016, to buy a mobile phone in the mobile phone Plus 5S millet millet shop. Millet millet mobile phone 5S Plus company publicity on its official website the full NFC support bound bus cards, bank cards, will launch the MIUI stable version at the end of October. Zhang said, it is because the fancy millet phone 5S Plus full functionality to support the binding function of the bus card NFC decided to buy this phone. But from October 16th until November 1st, has not received the official website of millet company declared full functionality NFC support binding bus card, bank card MIUI stable version update notice.

later Mr. Zhang because of this to ask for compensation millet company, the company will not communicate well after the court. But this thing does not blame millet, because the use of millet on the NFC marked the early use of Beijing only, so here is also a pain for millet one minute.

4. Apple phones are different

Apple phone in the past two years and there is no major change, whether it is from the appearance or the use of experience. The iPhone6s has also been on sale because of the slogan, the only difference is that everywhere are in trouble, consumers will apple on the court.

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