China's mobile phone only craftsman gas, no craftsman spirit?

Mobile phone craftsman China only

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called Jiang Qi and ingenuity, in the concept is as early as the conclusion.

Wang Fuzhi "poetry" emphasizes "writing color, wide example, though the work is painted engraved, Jiang Qi also. "Shen Fu said" six chapters of a floating life "pot art, also believes that" if the branch disc such as pagoda, tie branch song such as earthworms, became Jiang Qi Yi. " "

Dong Qichang in the Ming Dynasty, pay attention to the Zen painting, self-contained, painting should be respected", but not "morale", "Jiang Qi in Xijinqianhua, can write and draw freely as one wishes.

1910, master Renoir sent a letter to the friend Monet, pointed out that artists become builders, because of the lack of ideal, only the most dexterous hand skills, "never mind just servant". This

to Japan in 2010 NHK documentary "cognitive" became more and more Master craftsmen with like, really have the artisan spirit beyond the time of love works, is higher than the commercial interests, the non utilitarian cultural aspirations.

it is written with the Hermit poem, why Tao Yuanming rise above the common herd? Su Dongpo said: "people are not desirable, distribute the Ming Dynasty boat", but he also wrote "will change - such as the full moon looking northwest, Sirius radio, most people called the Hermitage failed to do so only on the real challenge, pastoral music rights for sustenance, or even to a certain. But Tao Yuanming is different, his "returning speech" writing "is looking for houses, joyful, pure is come from the heart of joy.

Shen Deqian said "Tao poetry Xiongci Hao Ran, don't have a deep luxuriant cannot be everywhere", because of the nature of frank and upright, is any large and learn not to.

Su Dongpo also admitted that Tao Yuanming is the "Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi, do not try to be too suspicious; want to conceal the implicit, not to go to high". The poem is "quality and Tao Kee, thin and delicious", a rich spiritual connotation, the truth in this.

so, true craftsman spirit represents the inner fire, lit candles are the beauty of obsession, and deliberately pursue external flashy, self styled craftsmanship is totally different.

this is probably the "great powers craftsman", "I am in the Imperial Palace repair artifacts" and the like to convey.

however, we look back at today's domestic mobile phone, we unanimously respected craftsman spirit is what? Three Luo Yonghao June 2015 by doing an interview described for reference:

1, thing force people and thing force attitude

northeast Luo Yonghao is good at "old Beijing dialect of magic, he called the thing force, in a nutshell is the rivalry! Magic or disease! Belongs to the typical Jobs sequelae, determined to "live to change the world," Joe helped the Lord, but then to torture their subordinates for joy. His obsession, such as the button do let users want to lick, it makes Ivy Speechless; he had to re engineer wiring design of Macintosh board, the latter a little objection, Jobs immediately enlighten: "a great carpenter will not use inferior materials in the back of the closet! "The result is that the chassis becomes a signature artwork. The details of

and later deified to harsh in which people believe that he was doing a great thing, Apple products can radiate fashion and beauty of science and technology in the extreme simplicity, this is the reason why.

but Jobs's paranoia behind his unique aesthetic and trend to accurately grasp, is the kind of "willing to change and Socrates in an afternoon with all my flat and it technology, and apple ecological profitability, and adhere to the vision of the business integration chip intellectual property.

this is the essence of his theory, and Luo Yonghao's "thing force" and why? In short, is to let others think hammer phone is doing a great thing.

2, never more than others

in Luo Yonghao's words, is someone else to do 80 points, hammer mobile phone to do 90 points, but also to make still further progress further, it forced day, but the underlying logic is that people said rotten joke:

two people met a lion in the jungle, a person quickly changed running shoes, "can't you peer asked in surprise run to win the lion? The man replied, "I just want to win you."! "

mobile phone advertising on the map in the hammer with a magnifying glass to mark the details, with Shangrao password copywriting: paranoid in useful detail, obsessed with useless details, even paranoid in not be found to be useful or useless details. Why is

so paranoid?

is nothing more than to let the public think that "I more than others a little crazy", because from the beginning of the old Rockefeller "only the paranoid" to be successful, the commendatory terms become paranoid.

to do meaningless things to the extreme, there is no meaning!

3, at the cost of

2014 Luo Yonghao in April, micro-blog stressed that "because of the harsh requirements of process and control components no, led to the rising cost of production", saying it is Tongrentang Zuxun mobile phone version, as for the effect, and Luo Yonghao at the table with assorted classic photos almost.

high price has become the domestic mobile phone standard show, one can create a "I kind of impression, the two is the domestic industrial environment provides press supporting plants, this truth and write" next to the demolition of the house, always find "blood sale" as the stalls.

the same meaning, Lei Jun expressed more

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