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tangdaoya· 2017-02-09 10:22:59

what is the number of mobile phones used by children? How many years have you been using your phone number? Do you want to know how much your phone number is worth?

139 section class= the most valuable?

is not spread now is China Mobile's most valuable segment is paragraph 139. Investigate its reason, or because it is the last century in 90s, the first batch of mobile phones just the first batch, with the passage of time, paragraph 139 of the resources are less and less expensive, so...

to introduce a fun, the China Mobile website has a selected network function, the baby can have fun. Duck in the city the result was: Section 139 does not free, minimum stored 100 yuan bill. However, the number 188 paragraph more expensive , you need to deposit 1000 yuan more than before .

and any switch to Beijing, found that the two section has no optional … … that is to say money can not buy the "priceless".

" which is good?

is not as good as 139 and Duan Gui, as they are, because they may not be able to buy it, but they are not as good as the 188. And now you can choose the more expensive special end of the four segment, such as ABCD, AABB, ABAB, ABBA these, need to save hundreds to thousands of calls. This is not the basic AAAA.

"4, 6, 8, 9 these figures have also been alone as the selection condition number, but also Chinese by superstition.

any special number of plus choice does not contain "4" needs to be stored more than 5000 yuan to get the bill.

so expensive number, are you really willing to buy it? And 8888, 6666 of these numbers is not ordinary people can afford to buy, and even do not take the internal relationship can not get. In fact,

, mobile phone, really good Never mind, take the duck, the first mobile phone number for more than a decade, China Mobile is the most valuable of the 139 section, followed by ABAB, however, I was a poor.

Chinese superstition in 4, 6, 8, 9 of these figures, often give some business opportunities to make money, select the phone number is the case, the election of the brand is the same. A good number of price guards. On the contrary, you only see the "4" unlucky, how not to think, they can also be used when everything. No matter the number

is good, with a long time, have feelings of

agreed to quickly duck

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