Baidu medical department overall layoffs, storms or in the back


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's brother is going to sleep, my circle of friends is such a message exploded, Baidu in the overall abolition of the medical division of , the whole? This thing really? True, there are pictures of evidence:

and Baidu insiders confirmed the news, staff turnover or forced transfer, followed by Robin Li in response to rumors, the side confirmed the abolition of the medical services department is true.

good department said the conference on the CD

data show that Baidu medical department was founded in January 2015, is Baidu medical and health core operation Department, in addition to the well-known hospital registration booking service launched, the original Baidu also integrated mobile mobile health and medical services. The division is led by Li Mingyuan, but it has left.

from the earliest products to the later division are probably the same people do, and Baidu in June 2013, had launched its own online medical products "medical intelligent inquiry platform", all the way down the Department No. two hundred or three hundred people have been doing in the field of medical products and services to explore, also no credit work, years before, had a head-on blow.

why do you say that the Department of good cut it?

in this regard, the original DXY CTO Feng Dahui in the speaker said: micro-blog Department cut is reasonable.

" according to informed sources broke the news, said Baidu medical division is the worst performance of the Baidu EBG department, international business revenue 1 billion 600 million, education balance, security division and reorganization, the worst performance of medical concepts, only medical brain, there is no practical use. More people broke tenderness, Baidu medical department is one of the three consecutive year the company at the end of the year the lowest coefficient of the department".

and this is the case, Baidu medical department under the thumb of doctors, Baidu medical brain, Baidu health, Baidu doctor, the overall business situation is not satisfactory, which Baidu health is already closed, showing not landing state.

opening speech Robin Li also said to be out of the market competitiveness of products. If you can not do it, do not mix in that, the withdrawal of the withdrawal, the clearance on the clearance on the clearance, and the. Resources to focus on our strategic and strategic projects. "

&ne removed the medical department; do medical advertising

Baidu medical division is the essence of O2O business, is not the same as in the Baidu medical advertising, the abolition of the cause of the whole medical department even to do Baidu medical advertising. Although the

Zexi Wei events for more "notorious repute", Baidu medical let the Baidu medical advertising business model has again been controversial, but Robin Li has said he will fight against false information and excessive advertising, this is the most important factor to hurt Baidu experience. It is understood that Baidu

medical advertising revenue of billions of dollars annually, accounting for about 30% of total revenue Baidu ads. Even if Baidu does not do it, there will be third to pick up the disk, then why can not be Baidu to do it yourself? The future of

combined with artificial intelligence for Baidu medical

the abolition of medical events, behind undoubtedly showing Baidu failed in exploring the medical field for many years, but from Robin Li's response to the matter that Baidu will continue to explore in the medical field, only to re adjust the development strategy.

Robin Li evening in Yabuli forum 2017 conference responded said, "the medical field has a very big chance, and Baidu is, will use artificial intelligence to participate . Such as smart registration, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, collection of genetic data, pharmaceutical research and development, etc.. "The current medical system also has a lot of unreasonable, change it is an important method of artificial intelligence. "

Robin Li earlier in the internal speech summary said," the first Baidu medical want to do is very simple, is something of a O2O, this is our users, a lot of people to find where to go to see a doctor, how can we help him up he wanted to hang the no.. "

" last year, we found that in fact like intelligent inquiry has become more and more practical. If the average level of our system of intelligent interrogation can reach a doctor's occupation, it can go through an intelligent system, at least to assist these doctors do some judgment, it is a serious illness to the hospital when, to the hospital to have more scale.

Robin Li also said, and then go down a layer, such as gene sequencing, it is a very big data. If we can use the method of artificial intelligence with medical knowledge, to find the answer is also a big breakthrough.

written on the back of

Baidu layoffs incident reminiscent of the end of last year issued a letter: Jia Yueting internal reflection LETV money expansion busy pull too long. Then began to save music as a result of layoffs, according to reports, as the music pre layoffs 10%, as the music staff of more than 8000 people, that is about the size of the layoffs in about 800 people.

and Baidu division overall was abolished seems to indicate a storm coming, Robin Li spring

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Baidu medical department overall layoffs, storms or in the back


Baidu medical department overall layoffs, storms or in the back

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