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chuangcifang· 2017-02-09 10:23:11

inflatable surfboard has become one of the hottest sports in summer. Unfortunately, that is often not portable, nor convenient inflatable …

" but SipaBoards Air!

" let us look bragging talk:

SipaBoards Air is the most prevalent abuse, it is the first to give yourself a surfboard cheer.

center is equipped with a jet engine, 5 minutes can be automatically inflated. From the previous carrying surfboard had trouble with air pump.

pneumatic system can unloading, as a general surfboard electric pump use, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

built in integrated automatic motor, giving surfboard 3 level plus / deceleration capability. Paddle and surfboard control Bluetooth connection, just press the button on the paddle, change speed or brakes.

" once fell into the water, between the paddle and surfboard Bluetooth connection is automatically disconnected, to prevent a man in the water, but also accelerate the surfboard floating situation occurs.

is more secure, the surfboard contains GPS chip, support positioning. In other words, you drift to the sea anywhere, can locate the SipaBoards Air and your location.

if you encounter a thief, you can safely recover SipaBoards content_img_p through GPS Air.

" view GPS positioning also with the official =''>

SipaBoards Air information distribution center, not only to monitor the surfboard's every move, but also to become a base for the exchange of information enthusiasts surf.

APP SipaBoards Air can be connected with Bluetooth, through the built-in pressure gauge pressure detection board, ensure to the best state inflatable surfboard.

combined electric motor, GPS work, record navigation time, speed, location and other information.

" and then sends this information to the APP community, and more like master exchange … while it is not prepared to take their shot dead on the beach!

SipaBoards Air is a social chorus rich surfing enthusiasts experience, SipaBoards Air the main purpose is that song "portable" word. The vision of the R & D team is not only to simplify the use of inflatable surfboard, but also to do it anytime, anywhere.

SipaBoards Air for example to carry on the plane, the need to withstand the test of its battery. Official guarantee, SipaBoards Air battery plane is absolutely no problem.

this detachable rechargeable battery, can charge 1000 times more than times. Full needs 1 hours, at the level of surfing speed, life of up to 3 hours.

" unique and patented technology to maintain SipaBoards leakage needle made of durable body at the same time, but also soft folding, convenient storage.

outer wall made of EVA material, good hardness. The whole production process from switzerland.

" is more intimate, for the surfer, the official design of 4 types of SipaBoards Air for different needs to choose.

" for surfing mice experience a NEO type, mass, economic benefits.

family surf swimming ALL-ROUNDER, width is wider, larger.

surfing master optional
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