Apple has a new interface, this time for headphones

Apple earphone interface business

haoqixinribao· 2017-02-09 10:23:28

Macbook Pro released last year, the biggest controversy focused on Apple uses a very radical strategy out of the old interface, breath all new USB-C /Thunderbult 3 interface.

used the computer disk U it becomes very strange - iPhone 7 cable to charge in the new Macbook Pro for mobile phone charging, if at the same time, the use of iPhone 7 and the old Macbook, was standing a Lighting to the headset cable of 3.5 mm, even inserted U disk need special the adapter. But for the

interface that was not all: a day before Apple MFi (iPhone certified accessories) documents show that apple is going to add a new interface. This interface is called "

Ultra Accessory Connector (super attachment connector), internal interface has 8 pins, the size is 2.05× 4.85 mm, are smaller than apple devices now use Lightning and USB-C. But this is not a new interface specification, is actually a special mini USB interface, in some devices have been used, such as digital camera Nikon, UAC interface is used to transmit data, and Micro USB as well.

"UAC" interface shape, is a special kind of USB

and apple shows that the UAC interface is designed for the headset design, can provide audio transmission and charging function. Peripheral manufacturers can design UAC and Lightning, USB-A, 3.5 mm and so on the interface adapter.

in the past, apple from its own product line is removed in the floppy drive, CD-ROM, mechanical hard disk, plus Thunderbult, Lightning, USB-C interface, apple for peripherals and interface revolution is very firmly, so that in the new generation Macbook occasion attracted widespread criticism and dissent.

unified interface first is a business, when the standards are not unified, manufacturers can get extra income by selling all kinds of converters, especially the strong love apple manufacturers, get 30 needles, FireWire such personal independence of conduct standard.

but this is not just a business, USB3.1 standard has been released in 2013, but in digital devices, especially mobile phones and other portable devices in large-scale use began in 2015. At present, Intel video, both charging and other functions of the Thunderbult 3 standard and USB-C standard with the help of Apple's strong manufacturers such promotion, from past experience, can promote the whole industry faster update.

but Apple's promotion of the so-called UAC interface is very strange. On the one hand, this interface has technical advantages, just put the apple into a certification system for the old interface standard in the past; on the one hand, apple digital headset promotion, such as the use of USB and Lightning interface Beats headset, although the performance has improved, but for mobile equipment, still can not see can take into account the charge and the two functions of listening to music programs, unless it is to install the two USB mobile phone interface.

in general, the apple UAC authentication interface, the most likely reason is that the future of their own headphones to become more exclusive commercial conspiracy". Figure


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