Want to change the mobile phone TV, your wallet or suffer


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new year, many people have thought about for a new mobile phone or a new TV, the news can be the next I will let your wallet suffer!


vision Chinese yesterday (February 8th), millet TV administrative micro-blog announcement that the millet TV 3S48 inch and 55 inch up to 2599 yuan and 3999 yuan (excluding freight). This is the second increase in the price of millet TV 3S. On the reasons for the price, millet aspects of foreign said, is due to the high price of the upstream LCD panel, TV production costs are rising. In fact, more than a millet, is also subject to the lack of the upstream supply chain panel, panel prices continued to rise, as the TV music took the lead last year.

it is worth noting that not only the price of millet TV, as well as mobile phones. And at present, a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers have gradually completed the adjustment of the price level.

why mobile phones, TV set off a wave of price increases? In this regard, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter interviewed.

from the upstream supply chain emergency price comparison, millet 3S48 inches 600 yuan more expensive than last year, while the 55 inch expensive 500 yuan.

music as television last year raised the price of some TV products, millet has made a high-profile micro-blog promised not to price. To go back, millet TV official Wang Chuan said in January this year, the price is in 2016, 2017 is the price because the cost rose a lot".

, a broker who is not willing to be named TMT analyst on the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews), said the reporter, the impact of this round of television, mobile phone prices are more factors. One of the main factors is the panel into the price rise cycle, the past two years to the first quarter of last year, the panel value has been running low, the two quarter of last year, the panel generally rose 30%~40%, panel prices have a greater impact on the color TV and mobile phone.

panel cost pressures have become an indisputable fact, from the current point of view, not just millet, music, as these Internet TV prices, the entire TV industry because of rising costs and raise prices. WitsView senior research associate Qiu Yubin said that in February 2017 the new high panel prices will again, part of the TV panel, such as 49/50 inch 65 inch up $2~3, rose $5~10. Chinese lunar new year end

, mainland TV factory TV panel usually scaled back, leading TV panel prices fell, however, the world's largest TV brand Samsung, affected by the SHARP stock, in February 2017 continued to purchase TV panel, which makes the amount of mainland TV factory in February to maintain a certain purchase, resulting in some TV panel prices again rose. Qiu Yubin said. The continuing rise in the price of

, so that the panel manufacturers profit even a new high, but on the other hand also makes the TV brand management is facing severe challenges, profit more and more difficult, the TV market will usher in a new round of reshuffle.

thousand machines

affected by the upstream supply chain stock will continue, in addition to television prices, in February 4th, micro-blog announced the official red rice millet's said, because the components procurement costs and exchange rate fluctuations, resulting in the cost of 4 red rice and 4A increase, before the customized retail price has been significantly lower than that of the product cost and in order to ensure the normal supply, decided 4 series of red rice retail price increase 100 yuan.

really started the first shot of the mobile phone industry price is Meizu, Meizu as early as January of this year said due to the effect of product components rising prices and exchange rate factors, Charm Blue Note5 BOM cost (material cost) has exceeded the scope of the original product definition, therefore decided to adjust the price, Charm Blue Note5 the version of 32GB raised 100 yuan.

broker TMT analyst on the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter, said the impact of this round of mobile phone prices are more factors. In addition to millet, Meizu other low-cost mobile phone initiative to raise the price of Apple last quarter sales record behind, there are factors of iPhone 7 high price, including HUAWEI and other manufacturers of products pricing are improved to different degrees.

mobile phone is gradually moving toward a high specification, storage, camera specifications to improve. The storage demand is relatively elastic, dual camera and high precision image sensor camera module generally needs to improve the lead prices significantly, the mainstream SONY sensor capacity is limited, the price of natural increase. The above said.

in addition, this round of price increases can also see the shadow of the rise in global commodity prices. The source said that mobile phone use in CCL accounted for about 8% of the overall cost of the mobile phone market in Taiwan, copper foil, copper clad laminate industry in December revenue generally exceeded expectations, on the one hand is the tension between supply and demand situation continues, the electric car of CCL demand increase; on the other hand, for a period of time since the ore, coking coal, crude oil push up prices, steel, copper, zinc, aluminum and plastic products prices rise, eventually increase household appliances production costs.

on the mobile phone business, thousand yuan first meager profit margins when the red, such as Meizu and millet announced a price increase in sales, the main products are thousands of machines.

cool CEO Liu Jiangfeng accept the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter mining

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