Single mother beat cancer, domineering transition into chasing fugitives marksman

Cancer child mother sharpshooter

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if the day

, you gentle Ma a benevolent and kind countenance,

suddenly put on a swing outfit of a machine gun to call you get up

you will feel?

Sima will definitely be scared,

but for the 4 children in Denver,

, this is not a movie, but a life.

go to school to see her mother's style is such a

gun never leave the body, a bunt,

is the 35 year old single mother what quirks,

but she engaged in the work of some special occupation --

bounty hunter.

Shanda Zapata no kidding, this job has been 3 years,

her last job was a restaurant waiter.

's original life was calm as water, until 31 years old,

she was diagnosed with cancer.

19" when Shanda was diagnosed with colon cancer, cut off lesion tissue

in fact, this is the second time she was diagnosed with cancer.

was 19 years old and his oldest son was born.

after a few painful surgeries, Shanda came over.

" two times after the diagnosis of recurrent cancer, had to use expensive drugs to control the disease

"I clearly remember the body is open feeling, also worried that never recover, but when I woke, he had nothing, in addition to the huge the debt. "

full 800 thousand dollars in treatment costs, divorced Shanda without the support of her husband, as well as the support of 4 underage children. The end of hills and rivers when accident in the newspaper to see a warrant.

then make only superficial changes.

the United States government out of the bounty often up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the more dangerous fugitives, the higher the bounty. In addition to the waiter

nothing Shanda started shooting, without demur, close combat and Brazil Judo operation.

other people's mothers are shopping in the mall clothing store,

shanda's daily access to a variety of weapons line.

" she bought a set of equipment:

ar15, AK47, Wessen revolver, body armor,

spraying agent, can bear chuaimen army boots … &hellip

shanda became popular after a reporter curious about her work, and took a day, the result was not hard.

the bounty hunter did not imagine glamorous. Arrest fugitives is a systematic work, intelligence, physical strength, endurance multiple tests. So the general team action, should we share the bounty. We meet to discuss the plan

every time a long time to carry out data collection work

before action to lock the whereabouts of the suspect.

once identified the object of arrest and possible areas of activity,

is the first time to investigate.

shanda is the only woman in the team, she needs to use her gender advantage to often deal, sometimes out of the bar like places "lure" criminals appear.

can protect her at this time, only her own.

" fugitive often hide mixed in black or Mexican regional security, especially chaos

questioning techniques is also very particular about the

Street ichthyosaurs mixed, accidentally exposed may accidentally encounter an act rashly and alert the enemy;

, there will be unexpected danger the.

"I feel the boy has problems such as the"

to take action, they asked

to a yes young. Have experience in

team feel the person informed,

to act decisively to the people in the search.

business, Shanda and his teammates quickly entered the two floor,

any hiding place can not let go.

careful Shanda found a huge doll is hollow,

can accommodate an adult body mass,

immediately opened the check.

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