How to know how much milk to feed the baby too much or too little?

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zhongguoyouerjiaoyuwang· 2017-02-09 10:26:25

one, how to know the baby fed formula milk too little? 1, weight gain slow

generally, drink plenty of stable weight will make the baby's growth, so when your baby weight increase if too slow, you'd better consult a doctor, in order to prevent any health problems.

2, urine volume significantly less

either breast milk or formula milk, they contain a lot of water, so the baby after drinking, should be wet diapers many times. But if you feel that your baby's urine becomes less likely, it may be that it is not enough to feed.

feed formula milk is easy to take in air.

3, loose skin wrinkles

normal circumstances, the baby will feed properly because of weight gain, the body will begin to grow meat. Therefore, if the baby feeding shortage, the weight will increase little, the body is not smooth.

4 and

continued crying hungry baby will cry easily, so if your baby is crying more than usual, he may be fed enough to feed more milk.

two, how to know the baby fed formula milk too much? After 1, immediately finished

spits when you feed the baby, he's always spit a lot of milk, or constantly vomiting, it said that he may eat too much, little stomach can not absorb, so out of ruminant.

2 and

immediately if the baby's feeding abdominal cramps, immediately appeared to move to the abdomen tight legs, this may be because the baby because drank a lot of milk formula, signs of gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal colic.

3, excessive weight gain

weight gain is not healthy. If you find that your baby weight increase to normal faster, you'd better consult a pediatrician, to prevent the growth of the baby health problems.

three, 1, be sure to note the feed to shoot

burp the baby milk formula feeding is easy to swallow a lot of air in the swallowing process should be formula after the end of the air when the stomach is too much, easy to cause colic, spit up. Therefore, every time after feeding the baby must be taken to burp, to prevent intestinal colic.

2, discard the rest of the

if the baby formula does not finish this meal, it will be discarded directly, can not be separated from the meal to continue feeding. Because of this milk is easy to deteriorate, causing the baby infected by bacteria.

3, cleaning and disinfection of bottle

every time after the end of the feeding, should be carefully cleaned and sterilized bottles, otherwise bacteria easily contaminated residues, bottles and nipples, when a baby milk, into his body.

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