What is the experience of exchanging roles with children?

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" (with empathy say "I can feel your pain", compassionate person said "you are so painful, I am sorry parents") new media department

did not love the children's

below your palm the international education assistant

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Natalia Kulakova

compiler, subscription, junior college, but how to express love, love is the child's way?

the topic every parent faces every day. In this regard, illustrator Natalia Kulakova to parents to make a very good suggestion: to know what the child likes, we have to become a child. Specifically how to do it? She suggested that parents look for a day, and children exchange roles, children to discipline their parents, parents will naturally know how to discipline is the best.

she changed the simple experiment into 10 comic books. In late parents to be questioned, do not eat children's parents will be accused of child Rice porridge … … through it, we can see: "oh! It turned out that when I lose my temper, I think they are good for their children! "Really into the child's heart.

" where did you go? Why don't you answer your phone! "

" &hellip sorry; … we just met a friend on the road … … "

" to sit properly! until you eat it all! "

" dad! don't you think it's naive to do that? "

has a cold, called family feel cold.

" you look so beautiful! "

" I'm fine, really! "

" can't lie! You are not in trouble? "

" do you know? My father was promoted yesterday! "

" is so lucky! My father has been watching TV all day. "

"perview_img_p" mother in! What about dinner? "

" after a while, I do not have this mood. "

" how did I say to you?! Look at these things! and want to sleep? "

" eat a little! This is very useful! have to eat it if you want to live! "

" do not! I don't love Rice porridge … …

if you wish your child has the ability of empathy, parents must have "Empathy", in common with children, standing in the position of thinking habits of children. The so-called "

love is restrained, the next time, you feel your child's behavior and attitude make you Speechless, even do not understand, try to think about if you were a child, facing this kind of situation, what would you do. the more you train, the closer you get to the child's heart. School of king also suggest you, let the children joined the thinking, they will be more and more parents understand the good intentions.

what a cartoon with you?

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