How do parents give their children a psychologically healthy childhood?

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99jiankangwang· 2017-02-09 10:27:03

in recent years, because of work, learning and life rhythm and the constant tension between the two generations carrying burdens, the psychological problems of children and adolescents is increasing, parents have become one of the important factors affecting the next generation of mental health of children, parenting style. Parents should give their children a happy childhood, not only to have a wealth of material support, the child's spiritual world needs more attention, which is more important for the future life of the child in the future.

is the key to the healthy development of personality, whether it is infancy, childhood, school age, adolescence or adulthood. What kind of person you are now, positive or negative, can find the answers from different periods. The child is a turning point in the life of the child, so do not ignore the child's psychological education, which will be an important stage of life irreversible.

mental health generally refers to the overall mood of optimism, a desire for things around; not afraid of dealing with people; to correct understanding and evaluation of their own; to face setbacks, thoughts and actions can keep pace with the times; sound personality. Only those who meet the above conditions, can be regarded as mental health. But the standard of mental health is not a "black line", on the left is health, health is not right. Psychology is a gradual balance of things, only the various aspects have been in a state of equilibrium, is the basic health.

and "Wangzichenglong" parents rearing style too There are plenty of people who, however, is too strict, "More haste, less speed."; instead, if the parenting style is less, easy to make children "let things drift", "evil". Specific performance in the following aspects:

1." in the education of parents when the punishment is too harsh, even a little child "service to teach" beat, kneeling, bundled, closed, not to eat.

2. parents too much interference with their children, such as the exam results can not be less than full score, not to talk with the opposite sex, after school must go home on time, and so on, and even after the adult interference in their love and marriage, etc..

3. parents too much protection, spoiled, so that children have a "eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand on life, even children to college, but also difficult to adapt to boarding, some parents should peidou.

4. parents often harboring children's shortcomings and mistakes, and even encourage their children to engage in deception, theft and behavior love grilled.

5. some parenting opinions for their children at a loss.

6. some parents are divorced and have no children.

in fact, the child is a healthy psychological parents give. Unhealthy parental rearing patterns can often lead to unhealthy psychology.

so, how do parents educate their children?

children with different personality, education should also be different. Parents can adopt different methods according to their different characters.

1. cheerful, lively, love animals and children: children with this kind of active thinking, responsive, self-expression and communication skills are also very strong; but poor self-control, do not have the patience. The high standards and strict requirements should be method of this kind of children, for they seriously do everything, and finish.

2. naughty, imperious, careless child: children with this kind of strong ability to adapt, dare to do, but full of creative spirit, love slapstick, poor awareness of the rules. For such children should take criticism and encouragement of a combination of methods, the children of love, so that children experience the joy of friendship between peers.

3. withdrawn, timid, not talkative child: this kind of children is relatively safe, do not easily make mistakes, focus on strong, obedient, but they do not love exchanges, self-expression desire is not strong, do not want to tell others about their own ideas. For such children should adopt the method of appreciation, close to them, to create a communication with others, the opportunity to speak in a collective situation.

4. gentle, obedient and sedate children: children with this kind of strong self-esteem, strong minded, well organized, careful, but very aimianzi, wrong can not face to face criticism, otherwise it will hurt their self-esteem. This kind of method should be taken to encourage children, more praise and less criticism, carefully observe changes of children, the interpretation of their discoveries, to cultivate children's exploration and creative consciousness from every little bit.

mental health of the children have the opportunity to win the future, therefore, mental health to start from childhood, attention to children's mental health education is the responsibility of each parent, it is the most important to pay for the child.

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