The daughter product was off the shelf Trump tweeted at the Department Store


zhongguoribaowang· 2017-02-09 10:27:06

China daily on 9 February, (Pan Yiqiao) recently, the United States first daughter Ivanka brand was well-known department store Nodes Tron (Nordstrom) to stop the sale of performance for the poor, Dad 8 President Trump Pro FireWire, twitter posting shelling he speaks for her daughter Nord. The White House spokesman Spicer at a press briefing on the same day the meeting mainly escorting, called Trump as a father has the right to the protection of children.

NBC reported, local time on the morning of 8, the president of the United States Trone tweets denounced the senior department store Nord show. Previously, Nodes Tron announced that it would no longer sell trump brand clothing this season.

Trump wrote on Twitter: "my daughter is Nord, Ivanka dragon unfair treatment, she is a very good child, often prompting me to do the right thing! Nodes Tron's outrageous behavior! "White House spokesman

Spicer said at a news conference at noon on the day for Trump to speak to escort, he said:" Nord is obviously to show political factors in order to get Ivanka, she and her brand. Have a conflict of interest because the trump to fade brand influence. Nodes Tron's move is clearly in the attack the policies of President Trump and Ivanka's reputation, he has the right to speak for the protection of children. "

now, Nord did not show on the president's Twitter condemned the behavior that responded.

is reported that, after the release of twitter Trump, the stock of the emergence of a small iron, and then rebounded back on the back of the.

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