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woman in the life of husband and wife after, if the fear of pregnancy, you can test the pregnancy test pregnancy test, then how long can be measured? What are the signs when a woman is pregnant? Next, we follow the small series together to see it! Women can collect Oh, very practical.

pregnancy test accurate tests. How long can be measured

pregnant women in 6 days of pregnancy can be tested, but this time the early results are not very accurate, compared to the exact words after 11 days or so pregnant exactly, when be pregnant 11 days is the best time to test tests.

if you are worried about the pregnancy test test is not accurate, you can wait a long time to go to the hospital for an examination of B Ultrasound.

pregnancy test if the results measured after 11 days of pregnancy using the correct case is reliable, but if you use the wrong method, then the result is not guaranteed, so we must first understand the use of methods and precautions in use before the tests.

pregnancy test before use must read the instructions carefully and accurately according to each step to do. If you usually have to eat drugs, then you need to read the instructions carefully, because some drugs may affect the results of the test, so be sure to read the label.

then the pregnancy test pregnancy test note? When is the test ready?

pregnancy test measuring pregnancy note

1, try to use the first morning urine were detected, hormone levels at this time the most easily detected. Do not drink too much water in order to increase urine, because it will dilute the level of hormones. Some drugs may affect the results of the test, so be sure to read the label carefully.

2, measured with long pregnancy pregnancy test before? Ovulation is on the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle, the assumption of fertilization success, then fertilized eggs to produce HCG the fastest 6, 7 days, and the pregnancy test was judged by measuring the urinary HCG. The HCG really began to secrete a large number of eggs in the pregnancy after implantation, trophoblast cells began to secrete a large number of HCG. And it takes at least 11 days. So, the first 6 days, if you want to be more accurate, and so on after 11 days, when the quasi. We can speculate on their own. After

3, the pregnancy test to detect only one control line, so that no pregnancy, if the two control line, the two control lines are displayed, so that pregnant. What time

pregnancy test using pregnancy test to detect whether pregnancy is the choice of many women, and pregnancy test time is about, if time is not correct, the detected result is not necessarily true, so, what time bar actually pregnant?

is the early pregnancy test tools check whether the pregnancy, its principle is to check the content of HCG in the urine to determine whether pregnancy. HCG is the human chorionic gonadotropin English abbreviation, when the content of the successful implantation after five to ten days after HCG in human urine will increase, if the use of quality and security tests. And in accordance with the correct method of operation, the pregnancy test accuracy rate above 80%.

1, because the urine began to produce HCG in five to ten days after implantation, and the implantation in female ovulation after one to two days, so it is best to be pregnant a month or 7-10 days after menopause relatively accurate detection. In general, HCG is only a few days after the fertilized egg and sperm in the urine, and to achieve a certain ratio can be checked out. There is also a relationship with the use of methods, improper use of words, there will be errors.

2, try to use the first urine in the morning to detect, because this time the most likely to detect hormone levels. It is not enough, to ensure that the urine in the bladder for at least four hours before testing.

3, don't drink too much water in order to increase urine, because it will dilute the level of hormones.

4, read the instructions carefully before you start testing, and do exactly what you want to do.

5, some drugs may affect the results of the test, so be sure to read the label carefully.

6, in addition, if it is ectopic pregnancy, HCG levels may be low and therefore can not be detected by the tests. To confirm the results of the test, we must see a doctor. Suddenly love eating sour or other had not liked the food changes of

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woman pregnant omen

taste after a tired greasy phenomenon; breast changes. In the menopause, appear bloated feeling breast, nipple areola color deepened, slight pain, and appear Brown nodules, often is pregnant performance. The changes of

urine menopause occurred within 50-90 days increased frequency of urination, dysuria, urgency, no heating performance, this is the uterus is enlarged and the oppression of the bladder symptoms, suggesting that the normal fetal development.

based temperature special

under normal circumstances, the basal body temperature in women of childbearing age are menstrual cramps in the middle (since 2 weeks before the next menstruation) low temperature, after Gao Tiwen (than

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