The girl was the inquisition by torture: this police interrogation room is terrible

Interrogation room police station girl suspect

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Donald Weber of Russia photographer in Ukraine for 7 years, took a lot of photos, one group portrait in Ukraine police interrogation room, won the 55 World Press Photo Contest portrait prize.

" in order to take this group of photos, Donald to make friends with the Ukraine police, in order to win their trust, together with the police he hard drinking vodka. Outside the

" the first month to him every day in the interrogation room, looking across the bench of the suspect, but did not take a photo.

", he was full of confidence, will be allowed into the door, and then the terrorist world to us.

" and a two month to 16 years old, the head is written: idiot, two words, he burst into tears, hands to pray for the police don't hit him.

a girl is a sex worker, she disappeared during parole. When the police caught her, she was unhappy about her behavior. She trembled with fear.

police took out a pistol pointed at her head to carry out the threat, which is the usual threat to the police means.

" this is a car theft suspect, he refused to admit his crime, the police took to grab his head after he admitted.

" Sasha is an orphan, he was beaten up on the streets of others, he is a thief and drug addicts. It was the only time the photographer had seen the sympathy in the interrogation room. Sasha was released.

a man was arrested for drunkenness and beating his wife, kneeling on the ground to express his innocence.

" this is a sex worker, she does not admit his crime, the police will take away her children threatened her, unless she admit his guilt.

police initially thought she was a sex worker, later found out that she was innocent, but they are not going to let go of her, she may be a drug addict. The police have arrested a month to a certain number of people sent to prison, need to make up the numbers.

police hand over a suspect's head.

a woman crying in the interrogation room, "

a table and a chair, surrounded by the wall is covered with wallpaper, very simple furnishings, but for some people, this is hell.

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