Using the SMART principle to develop a new semester plan to cultivate children's self-control

Child smart new semester plan

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awesome" after the Spring Festival holiday, really feel in 2017 has already begun. Do you still remember the plan that you have been planning for many years, but has not been implemented? If not, it must be the wrong way to open the plan (click on the 7 principles of "deliberate practice"). I

in China, America and Canada three fought up. In the United States, is very popular with the principles of SMART to develop and manage goals, very practical and efficient , today and share this method, adults and children are applicable.

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future achievement more

in the United States, to the end of the year, we all love New Year Resolution, is the new year's resolutions, such as the eight year old boil for twenty years, now retired Obama, when the 2016 New Year's Day speech said: "

So my New Year s resolution is to move" forward on our unfinished business as much as I can. And I will be more frequently asking for your help. That s what this American project is "all about." (I wish in the new year is to continue to forge ahead, do my best to fulfill business. I need all of you to continue to help, it's a matter of all Americans

class= his goal is great, as for us and the children, set a few small goals just fine. Let the children practice setting goals, and adhere to the implementation of the following, is to develop self-control, and with their good habits of life.

on the meaning of "goal", Harvard University has done a study, for a class of MBA students asked: "do you have set goals for your future? "At that time: 3% of the students said they have goals, and have written plans; 10% of the students said their goals are in mind; and 87% of students said they have no goals.

ten years later, once again for the same batch of students to track research, the results shocked everyone. There are 87% target than students without a goal that 10% students, the average income is two times higher; more interesting is that there are plans to target students 3%, their average income is 10 times as much as 87% students without a goal.

so, together with the kids, goals quickly set up! Of course, what set goals? Don't worry, we have SMART law .

many children want to get better grades in 2017, this great ambition, the lever, but the target is too wide and open, difficult not to say, is not good, it is easy to give up. this time, we need to guide our children to build a more specific and clear goal.

for example, children want to improve their spoken English, can focus on training in this area. To develop a specific goal, operational, easy to achieve. I like to make a small plan to improve the spoken language:

remember 10 words a week;

read a book every day before going to sleep for about ten minutes;

practice every day in English dialogue between the ten.

and his children decided to pick one, put on New Year's day To Do List, completed on the check, a sense of accomplishment!

goal setting, children usually excited for a long time, but can not continue to stick to it, how to do? Then we'll find a way to see if we can connect the target with the child's interest.

analogy. In the new semester or hope to score better "as the goal, to contact the children grow up to become a professional athlete, it can guide the children: outstanding performance in school, not only can get a scholarship, but also can choose their own love of the profession, to the ideal school.

this time, children know "grades better" is to insist on what, more power, sometimes it does not adhere to, as long as the re review after the dream, to rekindle. It's not a difficult task to accomplish a goal. Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it! The driving force of interest, let the children choose their own.

" in the formulation of objectives, don't take spoil things by excessive enthusiasm attitude. Target is too high, it is too difficult to do, easy to combat the enthusiasm of the child, must be if the children jump, you can reach . We need to look at just the right for the children.

if he had to memorize 50 words every day, not back after not sleep, I am afraid that when the child cried, you devils did not realize the goal, do not say, but also affect the parent-child relationship. The process of achieving the goal, or to open

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