Infantile cerebral palsy can be cured?

Infant cerebral palsy production exercise

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1, can you cure infant cerebral palsy

this is generally also belongs to a kind of congenital defects, later cannot be cured, no drugs can cure the cerebral palsy, only through their daily exercise and learn to control the condition of children. Training children's ability to act and language, so that he can live independently. Brain conduction dysfunction

basic pathological changes of cerebral cortex nerve cell death, deterioration of variable softening, fibrosis, atrophy, widened sulci, cerebral white matter loss, reduce the number of nerve cells and nerve caused by delayed myelination.

motor dysfunction: exercise self-control ability is poor, serious person can not grasp the hands, feet will not walk, some won't even stand up, sit up, not stand, not normal chewing and swallowing.

postural disorders: a variety of abnormal posture, poor postural stability. Such as 3 months still can not head upright, accustomed to the side, or left and right after shaking. Hand washing is not easy to break the other fist.

2", what is the

of infant cerebral palsy neonatal cerebral palsy refers to the newborn for various reasons (such as infection, hemorrhage, trauma) caused by brain impairment, non progressive, central motor dysfunction and development of paralysis disease. Severe patients with mental retardation, limb tic and visual, auditory, language dysfunction. The main types are spasm type, mixed type, rigidity type, ataxia type, etc..

3, the main cause of infantile cerebral palsy

neonatal cerebral palsy can be divided into three aspects, one is the cause of prenatal, the two is the cause of the birth, and finally is the cause of postpartum.

prenatal factors, including parental smoking, alcoholism and other bad habits caused by the impact, or some diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure syndrome and excessive use of birth control pills are the cause of prenatal cerebral palsy.

at the time of production is also very likely to cause infant cerebral palsy, the baby at birth if brain trauma, brain hypoxia or at the time of delivery, or production of women in high pregnancy or have a stillbirth, abortion and intrauterine infection situation, are the cause of cerebral palsy.

also has a large part of the cause of postpartum cerebral palsy in children, such as children with jaundice and other causes of cerebral palsy.

of infant cerebral palsy weak body and spontaneous movement decreased, which is hypotonia symptoms can be seen in one month. If more than 4 months, can be diagnosed as severe brain injury, mental retardation or muscle system disease.

body hard, this is the symptoms of muscular tension, can be seen in a month. If more than 4 months, can be diagnosed as cerebral palsy.

": the head circumference is the objective index of head circumference abnormal brain development form, brain injured children often have abnormal head circumference.

: fixed position is often due to brain injury caused by abnormal muscle tension, such as a frog, opisthotonos, inverted U shape posture. Can be seen in a month after birth.

weight gain, poor lactation.

strabismus: 3-4 months of infants with strabismus and poor eye movement, can indicate the presence of brain damage.

infantile cerebral palsy treated with

psychotherapy. The child's age is relatively small, but it can also be a psychological treatment. Children with emotional disorders, behavior disorders, cognitive impairment. According to the psychological disorder in children with cerebral palsy, respect patients in comprehensive treatment, listening and understanding, comfort and encourage children in the treatment of limb dysfunction and active participation of excited children, improve the treatment effect and training method for cerebral palsy in children, improve children's mental health education status.

" physical therapy in children with cerebral palsy: physical therapy, such as acupuncture, muscle stimulating instrument, spa, cold and hot compress etc.. The main purpose is to regulate the function, relieve the shrinkage, stimulate the low muscle tension, promote circulation, maintain and expand the joint activity, increase muscle strength, thereby improving the balance and gait. The use of

in children with cerebral palsy: Orthopaedic Appliances training, support the application is very important, such as the condensation of young children with cerebral palsy, because of its lower leg muscles spasm, the heel can not fall, ankle instability, flatfoot also more see, can use the ankle brace.

exercise therapy: according to the clinical classification of cerebral palsy of different types, targeted training, including the exercise of fine motion, balance and coordination training.

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