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in the era of information explosion, how to feed your baby science is a huge problem. There are other elders weapon

womanishly fussy before, after the circle of friends all kinds of feeding knowledge bombing, let you do not know the true or false information. Yes, about the complementary feeding of all kinds of rumors really is not too much, estimated that each mother will heard so many have been confused and disoriented.

as a person, a mother in complementary feeding is also in a few strokes, today we summarize several common food rumors, let mothers less take some detours! (WeChat public number: single mother parenting time, talk about parenting things)


vision Chinese rumor: easy to digest and nutritious rice

when the baby started to eat the food supplement, the family elders will tell you that it is nutritious soup pot, good digestion! Even if you bought nutritional Rice noodles to eat children, elders will be nagging the soup do not own nutrition transport of nutrient Rice noodles and more secure and reliable......

however, the elders are high to see rice is not so magical, it has even been nutritionists known as one of the worst food supplement, the reason is very low nutritional value! Rice is the main component of the

starch, protein content itself is not high, then it is boiled soup nutrition value is lower. On weekdays, the baby to drink soup, drink water is full (water, not much rice) the intake of nutrients and calories, if things go on like this, is not conducive to children's physical development.

two rumor: soy products will lead to precocious baby

if you have also heard some news about the horror of bean products such as "XX? Soybean Milk perennial drink to breast cancer," XX eat too much soy products lead to precocious puberty"...... These news reports, let many people hear the "bean" pale, not only eat soy products, also dare to give the baby to eat, eat a precocious baby for fear.

in fact, this is the wrong soy products. The so-called phytoestrogen beans contain is not only because is the hormone, estradiol and estrogen in their body structure similar, and have affinity with the human estrogen receptor, so called phytoestrogens. It will not only make the human body estrogen is too high lead to breast cancer, but also help regulate the body of female hormones. Moreover, the baby from the food intake of estrogen like quantity is very small, the average amount of food will not let the baby precocious puberty, there is no authoritative body clearly stated that children want to eat soy products. So, as a high-quality protein and calcium sources, the baby can still eat safely.

three: eat gossip porridge, milk is not important when

baby eat porridge after dinner, some parents would think the milk is not important, put all the thoughts on food.

actually, one year old baby, is down to business! Just as there are auxiliary foods. Don't focus on food, cooking and eating light also meet the energy and nutrient needs of the baby.

recommended not to feed too much water, porridge dish water, fruit juice, low nutrition satiety strong food, so as not to affect the baby.

four: the more rotten food gossip digest

better baby is just starting to eat the food supplement, the mother is most worried about the baby food choking. So, to give the baby food supplement, first in a variety of dishes in the machine carefully to get soft, and made a soft paste for children to eat, think this is safe and easy to digest. In fact,

, always give the baby to eat paste food, can let the baby to contact with dry or hard food, children's oral cavity muscle is difficult to get exercise, cause oral sensitive, grow a little more easily picky eaters; in addition, baby teeth have not received adequate chewing exercise, will affect the development of teeth and even affect children the development of language. Also, food is more sophisticated, more serious loss of nutrients, often eat Mush is very easy to cause the baby malnutrition.

five: food to eat all the gossip will be full of

for many mothers, feeding is a war. It is not easy to let the children eat more foods, but he refused to use your hands and feet, to eat the food spit everywhere, simply to grieve.

in fact, the baby's appetite is not fixed, sometimes eat more, the next meal will eat less; sometimes the amount of milk more, will eat less food. Besides, the baby sometimes to some complementary flavor is not interested, yet can not accept it, would refuse to eat.

when the mother must respect the normal physiological reaction of the baby, do not force the child to eat, otherwise the child is easy to have an aversion to eating, the next time you eat even more do not match.

six rumor: the first line of complementary baby should eat egg yolk

I do not know since when, around a lot of mother believed the first baby food supplement should eat egg yolk, the reason is rich in nutrition, high content of iron.

in fact, whether at home or abroad, are not the preferred food nutritionists recommend egg yolk as baby. Because the baby must be preferred foods, foods rich in iron. The amount of iron in the egg yolk is not as high as the legend, and even a little low, and the iron contained in the iron phosphate, it is difficult to be absorbed by the baby. It is recommended for children after receiving iron rich foods,

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