More and more women after divorce, choose not married, there is a reason

More and more cause woman

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" recently, the network has a post is very hot: "as a 35 year old married woman, saw a lot of people around the marital status, gradually less anxious" leads to numerous people to rethink the siege of marriage.

most of the women who have been tired of marriage should have thought, if after the divorce, their life will be better? There are a lot of divorced women talking about their new life in

's post.

whether it is the choice of single or continue to squat in the marriage, life is happy and comfortable life is the purpose of women's life.

believe you, everything can be done!

" in the city of fantasy has burst out of the city to the city of

female netizen A says

has been divorced for 3 years, my family and friends very eager to help her to remarry, but she refused.

"lost the marriage, I just don't live with a man, not lose my life. I don't need to spend a lot of time on the endless housework, no longer for him regardless of the child's education and psychological imbalance.

of course, will not result in lost and was sitting in the passenger seat, he was accused of gray, "Baidu maps" sound more magnetic and professional......

I no longer choose two marriages, "once bitten, twice shy of ten years', but out of the marriage, I found a better way of living, found themselves better. "

" says B

"divorce 5 years, her ex husband have nothing to regret, gallant, hope to remarry, hate not even Tomb-sweeping Day gave me a gift, please all. Especially after a thorough investigation found that I did not believe my new boyfriend, so is waiting for him.

all his EQ and IQ are still in place, but I'm not the self mutilation to save their marriage woman.

I have been to many places, in the book and reality to get to know a lot better than their own people, I know what a better life.

so I'm not going back to the boring old way.

friends C said

in the single day, she gradually understand, rather than marry a man, it is better to live as a woman man". A remark, netizens have response. More friends summed up: a woman's state is good, really do not have much relationship with marriage. The person in charge of quality

life and the siege and irrelevant

for a well-known dating agency made a survey:

data show that: in 2014, the dating agency registered a total of 844 divorced men, and divorced women only 121, of which there are many female parents to register their place. The conclusion of the investigation to the

male head sigh: "most divorced men remarry to very practical, is the first, followed by the needs of life, need someone to cook, fix the basic survival needs. However, the requirements of divorced women are extended to the spiritual level, such as the other side have any hobbies, usually read what books, whether or not love sports, family health, etc.. "

one of divorced women's speech very representative:

" first marriage are often on their economic conditions, to be really into marriage to know, only to find a good habit of good manners, you can live a good life. If remarried, it must mean beyond the previous marriage, so that they have a quality of life, otherwise, it is better not to marry. "

the responsible person visited similar institutions in many countries, for such changes, the responsible person said: very pleased to present women for marriage requires more and more with the international practice, pay more attention to each other in the docking, rather than economic" robbing the rich poor".

behind this data, there are a lot of men stand out, very angrily said:

you seek like-minded, turn himself into a female man". Do women have no physical needs? The gas water toilet is broken, don't you want a pair of male hands? On holidays, you will not Guyingzilian lamps and candles of a myriad families,? The important thing is that the child was "single parent", the development of personality, and you have a wonderful light with eggs?

however, the majority of female friends adopted piecemeal fix all problems.

on the physiological requirements of this one, it was bluntly said, do not marry does not mean that there is no partner, even if there is no suitable, safe partner, as well as fun goods store. When it comes to the home of a variety of hardware facilities, how to do? Everyone's reaction is even more unexpected.


user D said when I was still in marriage, home tap water pipe is broken, or that my husband Polytechnic male, repair and repair, but the bathroom is after the earthquake, all the tools and sewage are there. They are only responsible for the repair, and then sat astride the sofa waiting for.

after the divorce, ceiling lamps broken, toilet leakage, Internet use Baidu Search, invited professional repair personnel, repair was duly completed, leaving the door of the garbage bag to take down.

I get one hundred or two hundred yuan can fix it with

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