Indulge in the streets of children smashed, bear children will bear parents behind

Children parents children education

dongxiertongjiaoyu· 2017-02-09 10:27:57

" today WeChat group we are discussing such a video:

is the text version, reduction video scene:

a year old baby with bigger than their own palm stones and beating the roadside pillars.

paint on the pillar was immediately removed large mottled appearance. By the way it becomes very ugly.

" Xiamen local people out discouraged: "children don't knock", adults not only organize their own children, but with children escape: "baby don't knock, knock to go there. "This Xiamen brother again discouraged" I have said to you, let you educate her children, let him come on. "The time, the child's adults actually said:" children know what ah. "

in Xiamen when the little brother said," would you like me to call the community of people? At the time, the uncle immediately angry, also threatened: "you call, you go now. You call the police station.

children are not sensible, but adults have to understand the

uncle's words and deeds from beginning to end, so that everyone is angry. First of all, to see their children to rock the pillars, there is no meaning to stop. How, if it is your own home crystal vase, you will be so blind?

bear children where there is ~

next, when people encounter discouraged, completely do not listen to. Xiamen brother repeatedly discouraged, do not listen to uncle, "you should also boast without shame what to do. "It is a people too officious attitude.

again, the child 100% connivance. After being Xiamen brother discouraged, uncle also tried to dissuade their children down the stone. But the child refused to back, ah ~ ah ~ two, uncle will no longer stop children. The children dote on god.

" as a parent or guardian, must always remind yourself that your children will see every word and action.

many people will be "I grew up like this" as a reason, do not think that their education has any problems. Such people do not love children, but do not know how to love. As the uncle, shows between the lines of love for children, but the way it is completely wrong. Whether to teach

bear children, you don't know what he would do ~

a lot of parents, know a lot of their own shortcomings. But they realize that they also know that they should try to run a good environment for their children. So these people, in order to fight resolutely children not in front of the children, the children are not around smoking, not swearing in front of the children, not in front of the children go back...

whether such people before how bad, but because is worthy of praise. In his progress, in an effort to give a good environment for the next generation of work.

want a good child, you must start from their own

parents, one of the most important task is to tell the child, what can be done, what can not be done. To "children know a fart" as an excuse for all sorts of bad behavior of the child laissez faire, is the adult dereliction of duty.

" we are not love, even for some children to act disgusted children and not hate itself, but in many public places, adults of the child's behavior laissez faire, and even affect the public environment, destruction of public property.

in the restaurant to eat, some adults allow their children to run wild before the table to play games, loud noise, not tube. At the mall, some of them let the children in the corridors, stores, clothing display free shuttle in the hide and seek, display items in the climb.

you must have had a similar experience ~

, we often see some scenic spots in the hanging "forbidden" sign next to, there are still a lot of children in the vicinity of Sahuan climb. Sign the child cannot read, adults also do not read?

public environment and finances need to be shared by everyone, including children. Children do not understand, adults must understand.

once, I have a friend with a child in the mall to play, because the child is uncomfortable, in the mall corridor can not help but spit. She put on her own paper towels are covered with the child's vomit, standing next to the people who do not want to step on, but also some fear

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