Anji Phi coat walk over the fan children, how to cultivate children optimistic and cheerful personality?

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" Sha Junbo, nickname

2011 in Anji was born in Beijing in July 16th 1 []. Sha Yi, son of mainland Chinese film and television actor, Hu He. In April

2016 Sha Junbo Deyunshe twenty anniversary activities appeared. August, to attend the film, we were born in China, the world premiere conference.

9 month, with Sha Yi to participate in the variety show Daddy where the fourth quarter of the recording. In December 21st to attend the "young" 2016 Festival youku. Won the 2016 annual festival Youku knock adorable baby "award. In January 18, 2017, Sha Yi and Hu He and his brother Sha Junliang in Hunan TV's Eve Gala recording.

" how to cultivate children's optimism optimistic?

is a kind of mental state, is also a kind of character. According to the survey, people who are optimistic and optimistic are not only more healthy (such as the cancer incidence rate is significantly lower than the pessimistic depression), but also more happy marriage, career is also more likely to be successful. So how to cultivate children with this positive personality? Put forward the following suggestions of American children's education experts: Dr. Nicole tower "img_box"

1", not too strict control on children

as parents, of course, not to discipline a child without it, but also too strict control children may suppress the naivete of innocence, have a negative effect on children's mental health.

may let the child at different ages have different options. Only a child can enjoy the right to choose, to feel the real sense of happiness and freedom.

2, encourage children to make more friends

poor communication most of the children's character depression, because they may suffer from loneliness, enjoy the warmth of friendship. Encourage children to make friends, especially friends of the same age. Introverted, depressed children are more appropriate to pay more optimistic and cheerful friends.

3", to teach the children to get along with others,

and others to get along the inner world is brighter. Parents may wish to bring their children to different age, gender, personality, occupation and social status of people, so that they learn to get along well with different types of people. Of course, children have to learn to get along well with their parents and siblings. In addition, their parents should get along well with others, so warm and sincere, not snobbish humble, not behind to talk about others, set a good example for their children.


material life and material life to avoid extravagant luxury make children have a psychological insatiably avaricious pursuit of material, and it is hard to get self satisfaction, which is the fundamental reason why greed mostly not happy. On the contrary, those who live a simple life, often as long as a toy, it will be very happy to play.

5", let the children like

if a child is only a hobby, it is difficult to maintain long-term happiness. Just think: only love the children watching TV once at night without proper programs, the heart will be unhappy. On the contrary, if the child couldn't watch TV when the love of reading, reading or playing games, in which the same cola.

6, guide your child to get rid of the plight of

even optimistic by nature can not be a bed of roses, can not be "happy forever". The ability of the best parents in very young. Cultivate them to cope with difficulties and adversity. If the child can not get out of the plight of the moment, but also to teach children to learn patience, or in the face of adversity to seek another spiritual sustenance, such as participation in sports, games, chat, etc..

7, to create a happy family atmosphere

family atmosphere, the relationship between family members, to a large extent, will affect the formation of the child's character. Research shows that children can feel around in the babble before the mood and atmosphere, even though he can not use words to express. It can be seen that a family full of hostility and even violence, can not cultivate a positive and optimistic children.

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