To prevent 4 coup of precocious puberty

Early puberty coup children food

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method to prevent precocious

1, eat more vegetables

many parents feel that children do not love to eat, in fact, children do not love to eat vegetables, is not responsible for the child, but we should think about the children to do what kind of dishes. We need to change the vegetables to the children, and at the same time make a pattern, so that children can be interested.

2, give the child to eat fruit

in addition to the meal can give the child a meal of fruit, bananas, oranges, pears, the best season to eat, eat local.

3, intake of high quality protein

eggs are high quality protein, should be guaranteed a day. High quality white meats such as chicken, duck, fish, seafood; quality meat such as pigs, cattle, sheep meat, eat one or two, 22 meals a day every day, even in. In addition, two years ago to breastfeeding, over two years after the broken breast, to choose the brand better qualified formula, again a bit bigger, you can drink fresh milk. That is, every day to drink a certain amount of dairy products, then the quality of the source of protein basically.

4, coarse flour and rice to eat breakfast collocation, must not be less

older children to eat whole grains. For example, oats, buckwheat, sorghum, corn, millet, rice,. The beans are also for the child to eat a little, need to be reminded that the proportion of grains, children of different ages are not the same. Small age 2, the proportion of less than 3 years old, a little older, the proportion can be a little more. Thick and thin food must be matched to eat, must eat breakfast.

" lead to the sale of precocious food on the market today

poultry poultry, mostly eat mixed with diet and rapid growth of agents, mainly concentrated in the residual glands in the neck part of the poultry ripening agent in poultry. If the children often eat more or less, these hormones will affect sexual precocity. Such as eating duck neck, gooseneck, is to promote the early high risk behavior.


doctor, a lot of clinical experience due to the consumption of honey lead to precocious puberty cases, this is because honey contains hormones, easily lead to precocious puberty. But it does not mean that you can not eat, eat once in a while can be, a large number of long-term consumption will be dangerous. In addition, honey products, especially royal jelly, the child is best to eat less.

of bovine colostrum, bovine colostrum, bird's nest like bird's nest and other nutritional supplements for the weak people, even the bad development of children, but also the best taken under the guidance of doctors. Precious things may not be suitable for children, often more nourishing things, more will affect the endocrine function of children, may cause precocious puberty. There are similar Cordyceps, ginseng, longan, also not suitable for children to eat.

fried chicken

in cases of precocious puberty in children, fried chicken, French fries are also the food they eat. Fried foods, especially fried chicken, French fries and potato chips too much heat in children's body will be transformed into excess fat, causing endocrine disorders, leading to precocious puberty.

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