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Postpartum pregnancy benefit harm

lingyuwang· 2017-02-09 10:28:17

1 why postpartum striae of pregnancy and postpartum itch itch,

1.1 why pregnancy pregnancy pleomorphic rash

this rash may be from long pregnancy place extended to other parts of the thigh, like breast and arm like, because this rash usually appears the fastest growth in women's weight, so it seems to be caused by the skin stretch.


, the skin is too dry skin due to fracture, insufficient supply, so the female skin striae of pregnancy will show a dry state, especially the longer drying, more serious, more natural skin itch. For such skin, there are two small series of solutions.


some treasure mother dress too tight after the birth of shape, in order to make myself look less buckets, will wear tight clothes, but the friction between tight clothes and striae of pregnancy pregnancy cause itching, so recommend temporarily wear some loose points.

2, postpartum pregnancy urticant how to do

2.1, reasonable diet

pregnancy itching is what reason? Experts pointed out that in the diet may be a blunder. Eat more high protein foods, such as pig's trotters, pig. This kind of food, not only rich in protein, there are many collagen, health, beauty will be helpful. At the same time, postpartum women should eat more fruits and vegetables, to ensure that the amount of drinking water every day, fundamentally relieve symptoms of pregnancy symptoms.

2.2 and

exercise during confinement, mothers care, lack of exercise. Postpartum women, do not hold the traditional confinement point of view, the so-called "rest". To strengthen the exercise, insist on doing sit ups every day, to prevent stretch marks itch.

2.3, adhere to the cold water rub bath

cause the cause of pregnancy striae itch a lot, lack of elasticity of the skin is one of the. Insist on using cold water bath every day, can enhance the elasticity of the skin, so as to prevent or slow down the phenomenon of stretch of pregnancy.

2.4, the correct massage

stretch marks itch, most itching in five parts, namely: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest and back.

: abdominal massage to the navel as the starting point, constantly massage clockwise circle, circle should be small to large spreading outward until evenly over the entire belly.

": the hips buttocks massage massage, need to cooperate with the husband, hands on hips below the wrist force from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside to massage gently.

thigh massage: the knee as a starting point, from the back up to the hip about 10 times.

chest massage: the cleavage as a starting point, with the pulp from bottom to top, from the inside circle gently, until the neck so far.

3, pregnancy should pay attention to what

itch itch if pregnancy pregnancy lines is not recommended because of scratching after scratching to relieve itching no real effect, and even lead to endless itching, although not harmful to the health of the fetus, but make the mother miserable. Be pregnant with the mother of the mother's itch can be appropriate to apply some of the olive oil or smear some moisturizing lotion, massage cream, to relieve, relieve symptoms, avoid by hand constantly scratching.

if the mother's itching continues to seriously affect the rest, and the emergence of a large chunk of the patch, the need for timely medical treatment. Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy is one of the reasons causing itching, itching of the mass distribution along the line of tension in the abdomen, or stretch marks a place, usually in the late pregnancy, postpartum disappear completely, no harm to the fetus itself and pregnant women, primipara multipara is common, generally does not occur. The itching caused by the disease after active treatment, symptoms will be alleviated within a few days.

striae gravidarum eat what a good

1, eat more vitamin C food

good things, in fact, not as good as food supplements. Although the rate of food supplement is slow, the safety is high. Food such as vitamin C, is itching to do the best pregnancy food containing vitamin C rich foods include citrus, strawberries, vegetables and fruits, especially the mangosteen, mango, kiwi, content is very high, often eat can reduce stretch marks do not say, can let the skin become tender and smooth. Contains an enzyme,

2 cocoa butter chocolate chocolate in this enzyme can reduce skin damage and skin, make skin more toughness, of course, chocolate is good even if they can not eat, eat the right amount of benefits, but will make the postpartum excess fat, increase the pregnancy.

3 and collagen

pregnant or after pregnancy should eat some food containing collagen and collagen fiber, enhance skin elasticity, such as fish, fish, animal tendons and skin, pig's trotters. However, during pregnancy, eat pig's trotters should be appropriate, don't eat too much, not too much fat, but the cause of postpartum obesity.

stretch marks how to eliminate the

most pregnant women are pregnant, in general, stretch marks is difficult to completely eradicate, but will change with time and slowly become pale. At the same time, we can use some simple methods to prevent and dilute. Stretch marks are the stretch of the abdomen during pregnancy to make the skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers

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