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Official 4G mobile LTE

ITzhijia· 2017-02-09 11:32:54

2 Sept. 9, international communication standards organization 3GPP in recently officially announced the fifth generation mobile communication technology 5G official Logo, from the design point of view, 5G logo follows the logo LTE-Advanced Pro design 4G.

the 5G logo will be used in Release 15, Release 16 and subsequent relevant 5G standards, logo will appear in the future in accordance with 5G standard products or related publications. 3GPP said that the design of the 5G logo is based on the new design of the existing LTE, and the use of green signs LTE-Advanced Pro highlight the evolution of technology.

3GPP has also developed a number of usage specifications for this Logo, and how to obtain permission to use it, the use of Logo is voluntary, the approval of its use from 3GPP and will be monitored by the 3GPP organization partner.

China Mobile President Li Yue recently said that in 2017 will carry out large-scale 5G field experiments, expect to reach a commercial trial in 5G in 2018, is expected in 2020 to achieve a nationwide 5G commercial.

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