What will happen to Dongyu Zhou P to Jacklyn Wu?

Dongyu Zhou Jacklyn Wu

nandouyulezhoukan· 2017-02-09 12:42:32

female star people are more and more, looking at the stars and behind the team than the brand, than the old style coffee, than photographic retouching senior than the ability to take goods, will eventually occur N Zhuangshan events be brutal and inhuman.

pressure of ten dollars, a rotten Street explosion will be from this Vetements x Champion Limited Co.

" trendsetter too much, the explosion not used? So we want to change a train of thought?

fashion circle nearly two years of fashion is the 80s retro trend, I believe you also from bell bottoms, seaman stripes, holes in jeans, stiff shoulder line and so on trend damp feel one or two.

" we are always in Tucao now the actress in 90s 8, the actress who not good-looking, personality, strong business capability, if you use 8, 90s retro style star to guide the flow of now actress who will be more interesting?

" so we choose to select Dongyu Zhou surgery, oh no, looking for inspiration.

with pure set debut, but did not get rid of "little sister" in the first few years of the image of dress is always shackles, lack of management.

cut the hair, to find a special modeling team, Dongyu Zhou are set up, the route into a fresh and hearty love, little girls wear high waist dress. A little boy

" private Dongyu Zhou's character, Mimi smile more let her out of the Red Net aesthetic temperament plus.

such Dongyu Zhou, we first thought of the correspondence is Jacklyn Wu. The reason is very simple, ask you, like?

" is also very … &hellip …

", although Jacklyn Wu was born in Taiwan, but the red or in Hongkong, and 8 of the last century, 90s the Hongkong artist packaging and costume fashionable enough.

" she and Dongyu Zhou and inter temporal Zhuangshan modeling. The same striped shirt, blue lines, Hague Jacklyn Wu in 1994 "in" the natural instincts of man wear. Dongyu Zhou is a classic black and white, although all-match, but considering the actual age and other effects, Jacklyn Wu's age to a fashionable.

"Dongyu Zhou in love" which we through a red coat, called her skin tender and lovely. But, when Oversize is not against the waist, Jacklyn Wu wear better highlight their stature thin waist leg length characteristics?

like a suit, Jacklyn Wu and Dongyu Zhou also hit, Jacklyn Wu in a flat T-shirt exposed collarbone, wearing chocker, more handsome. Dongyu Zhou wear lace bra vest small dew clavicle and midriff. The two person each one has its own merits.

but Jacklyn Wu put us relatively more significance (after all, not just exposed belly ah we

" according to this idea, we chose the shape of Jacklyn Wu Dongyu Zhou, your face and body, see results, product outfit.

Tee vest vest skirt, was a time when the Hong Kong circle is more popular with a match. The strap skirt is our fat should try to avoid a single product, but it comes with a childlike effect, long on the upper part of the body weight increase and highlight his legs are strong medicine, take the simple white Tee is enough.

" this year's hot pilot jacket, red + logo + logo + printing take the sweater beret, is not very chic?

" this year's hot green, with a lattice pattern shirt to show North ousen line, will not be a chic?

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