William Feng Bea Hayden to celebrate the Spring Festival for three days do not go out


wangyiyule· 2017-02-09 12:43:05

according to the detective Zhao five children reported: at the end of last year, Lin Yun was claiming to be a single dog in the circle of friends, she and William Feng skelter is whirling. But the day before, William Feng has a new situation. On the thirty two days ago, there broke the news that William Feng has just a new play Bea Hayden is about to fly to Shanghai.

" in the middle of the night, Bea Hayden was coming out of Shanghai airport, the exit alone she wore a blue coat wrapped in red brick pleated skirt, wearing a white sports shoes with ankle, very fresh student sister temperament, his face wearing a large masks, tightly wrapped.

Bea Hayden dragging a box with a bag on his back after kept watch mobile phone, to be in contact with those who pick up. Bea Hayden then went straight to the departure level, short stay a few minutes later, a black SUV parked in the front, carrying Bea Hayden went straight to the urban direction. No car to the hotel, but went straight to the urban area of a high-grade basement.

" for second days in the cell door, Bea Hayden's car did not happen again, but there is a familiar car in, William Feng was filming in Shanghai and Lin Yun was photographed together before the car luxury suv. But this car is not William Feng himself but his father. In the evening the father Feng driving in and out several times.

" third day of the Spring Festival family reunion day, William Feng's mother went downstairs to end a cauldron to sit on the off-road vehicle, is estimated to have food to take to his son. Feng's car finally stopped in front of the building 5. After a long time, Feng Feng dad Macai left, and William Feng and Bea Hayden are gone.

is the fourth day of the new year's day, the father of the early morning and drove to the gate of building 5.

until lunch time, William Feng and the two men finally came down the stairs with the talent of the Bea Hayden!

Bea Hayden is to dress, hair very casual have rolled up, and William Feng in the tide of the full taste of stamp coat, wearing sunglasses, the two faces are not conceal smile, snuggled up to walk out.

" the original Bea Hayden Chinese new year alone came to Shanghai with William Feng on their parents, their relationship seems to have been very stable. But even in their own library and William Feng Bea Hayden is also very cautious, they do not sit on the side, pick up Bea Hayden's SUV, but on an ordinary car left.

" after the car arrived at the airport, William Feng suddenly disappeared like no trace, only Bea Hayden was off from the trunk to carry out the big box into the airport. After Bea Hayden himself with a big box after finishing a series of procedures prior to departure, although not come home with his family, but with the new boyfriend looks like one family new year well! William Feng age is not small, the parents have met, the good news is not too far?

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