He returned to Korea to play the male Lord, faster than Tian Jing

South Korea the airport Tian Jing yidams

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fifth has turned to "Datang glory" exclusive parking spaces, every day to refresh the plot, the new method is simple and crude ah Hao ~

". However, "Datang glory" word of mouth a bit overwhelming burst table now, and rival Hin important. It's not paralysis, not plagiarism, hairline normal half won the ~

" Tian Jing Davenport after play is really unusual, just hard resources. Even the wind is luxury poster studio exclusive edition, Zhang purohita's big production team.

"legend" with a coquettish Wu Mei Niang clothing.

loved the old drama of bone, acting with coffee. Together, the main female zhongxinggongyue hold large sweet.

n see women play Marie is probably the biggest to sue, Sue is actually from the sweet side a pet wife kuangmo, Ren Jialun played wide king. Sure enough water master, water day and vegetables.

Ren Jialun just seems to belong to the kind of pinch, oh ~ is not very good. Blue, looks more pleasing to the eye, plus Chongni version of the story lines and set up a princess, Guangping a car.

come together, look at this little Wang Guangping acting brother. Wit Guangping king, as was the first to see the two men dressed as women, smile and eyes behind this pink, old girl heart melt.

", and then pack a smile Wang guang.

king to marry his Guangping found a passer-by was before the admiration of the goddess, instant cold face second surprise, eyes full of small spark.

or boy Gold King guangping. So obvious lack of nutrition lines, actually can be live with eyes, but also point praise clap.

" but when I begin to battle. Kiss ears this red ~

also forced to explain a adorable self enclosure.

" Oh, yes, denden on overheating search right play wild. Dress. Lady wife.Avi finally only took a lamp. (at O / at) /~~ waste scene ah.

" to tell the truth, or the first time to see the small arrow from the kiss, it is from a single dog assassin crit.

to see this wave of special Su, Ren Jialun senses the value of =''>

" and Jialun lead aura from the drama of medial leakage to the off screen, is also sweet enough. Big female Lord sweet original play are special element.

" but when Jialun took office style changed, all the text. (luckily enough actor to chest of goodness, or have to be posted)

" is said to have the most big sweet kiss scene.

" stills style so can not describe … big sweet expression = small main mood, want to beat you with sincere.

at the press conference, it is possible to hold a public kiss in the face of perview_img_p.

" this is a big sweet ah, but Donnie Yen wanted to hug will escape, the closeness of stamped coffee sweet ah.

not only the female master love, the drama of the old play bone also love him. Hou Hou Wang Jinsong on hin love this son smashed. According to self tricky also do not forget to admire Jialun dedication, this is love "(like at this person).

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