Elva Hsiao Howe sent 260 thousand red envelopes and small boyfriend couple loaded

Elva Hsiao couples dress red her boyfriend

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Tencent entertainment news February 9th news, according to Taiwan media reports, the 37 year old Elva Hsiao (ELVA) and 24 year old Chinese golfer Chen Hua (Michael) love hot. 7, reporter witnessed, ELVA with her boyfriend at the brokerage firm of heaven in the spring feast held straight, wearing a plaid shirt couple couples dress appeared, suspected perceived to be deliberately shot, one after the admission. It is reported that she and her colleagues had contact feelings, Michael with her in the care and considerate. ELVA grateful personality and generous, not only last night donated red envelopes, reportedly including family and brand Carry Me employees, the lunar new year, Haosayue Red 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

since August last year, after the exposure of ELVA and Michael love, two people more and more sweet, repeatedly photographed together to travel, and even cohabitation. 7 pm, Taiwan media broke the news received Michael to Truva salon styling, then if he had to take the car home ELVA.

9 in the evening, the car from Xiao home pulled out, went straight to the big straight beautiful new square, I saw ELVA with a sturdy male walk head low, her boyfriend Michael followed her, and one after the other, apparently to deceive the public, they were then brought into the "house" pub meals for the feast.

to play the game with

ELVA Michael and screaming with wearing plaid shirt at Michael, with light oil head off, see a cautious attitude. Reporters observed that at the beginning he and ELVA went straight to the depths of the box to rest, enjoy the two world. Half time, Show Luo (pig) to the door to greet colleagues to play the game, you have a drink, the atmosphere is very hi, then ELVA is cue coming out to play the game, she seems drunk is rather loud, screaming with you together.

it is understood that the presence of ELVA in the chat with colleagues, will bring together Michael toast, considerate personality he saw her a little tipsy, close beside care. In the process, he also ran on the stage with the earth and the United States to play the game, but also to help pumping bonus, quite into his girlfriend's life circle. Sandy Lam, head of

ELVA Bishi playing play night, Zhu pig, brokerage company signed into the actor Ivleyn and not to have money, 4 artists donated a total of more than 1 million yuan (about 220 thousand yuan). The climax of the activity is to wear a skirt in charge of brokerage company at Zhu Bishi pig, who placed 150 red, let the audience to Mora red envelopes, pig fun also came to join in the fun and Bishi copycat version of Zhu mora, Xiaofan audience. Very grateful to

ELVA, who helped her staff take care of Canada, this year not only offer bonus for the brokerage company colleagues draw, including she has worked with the source of live entertainment and Carry Me and her colleagues, established "shoya entertainment" staff, she has a red envelope, with his brother, sister-in-law nephew, and other relatives of the red this year, sent a total of 1 million 200 thousand yuan (about 260 thousand yuan).

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