Sora Aoi retired, the Internet Co also suffered her endorsement

Sora Aoi domestic tragedy company

qudongzhijia· 2017-02-09 12:44:38

A few days ago

Cang teacher low-key position, he will not take adult work, which makes a lot of Indoorsman sadness.

" in fact this is not what good sad, since 2011, has never taken years Cang teacher adult work, now just announced open bright own attitude.

Sora Aoi retired, her endorsement of a domestic Internet Co are also facing the tragic scene. last March, Sora Aoi announced the formal entry of the largest part of the housing reservation platform mobile phone booking treasure, and served as chief user experience officer.

" now, there are many users feedback, Move Hotel reservation booking treasure platform has to stop the service, then booking treasure founder Sun Jianrong outside confirmed that in January 27th the company has declared bankruptcy.

Sun Jianrong said, years ago already finalized 10 million yuan A+ financing, but after careful consideration, decided to give up, but he still must treasure the value of reservation, OTA platform often show no room hotel, but the actual situation, the hotel room rate with little, we can help them to sell Weifang discount form. The user can spend less money to a higher grade hotel reservation.

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