A number of data released: HUAWEI still ranked in 2016 China mobile phone market No.1


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2017 Huang Haifeng just after the lunar new year, more than third party consulting companies have released Chinese mobile phone market in 2016 "Nirvana in Fire". In addition to the rise of the domestic mobile phone, high-end products into the mainstream and other aspect, GfK, Counterpoint and other well-known consulting report shows that HUAWEI in 2016 China intelligent mobile phone first throne.

according to GfK data show that HUAWEI's annual market share reached 18.1%, surpassing OV, apple, Samsung, higher than the market's second percentage points, the domestic manufacturers continue to refresh the leading share of the record 4.

just before the Spring Festival, HUAWEI's consumer business in 2016, the annual results of the beginning of the year is expected to be released in 2016, HUAWEI's consumer business smartphone shipments reached 139 million units, an increase of 29%. According to IDC forecasts, in 2016 the world's annual smartphone shipments growth of about 1%, which means that HUAWEI smartphone shipments growth far exceeds the industry average.

compared to the world, China's smart phone market competition is very rare. The manufacturers are divided into force Internet, deep line, focusing on product different "schools". While the market volume ranking, as their development strategy of "touchstone".

data released: HUAWEI still ranked in 2016 Chinese mobile phone market No.1

mobile phone market is still the first HUAWEI China

remember the end of 2014, HUAWEI with Mate7 intelligent mobile phone market in the first China market rise, back in 2015. But in 2016 the

industry, many eyes are focused on the young OPPO, vivo of the two main fashion market China intelligent mobile phone manufacturers who, through the program because OV advertising + star endorsement + deep three lines below the retail market, to achieve sustained growth. In particular, OPPO, is considered to challenge the market position of the first HUAWEI.

but a few data can be seen, HUAWEI is still the first in the Chinese market, and the status of consolidation. GfK data show that HUAWEI in 2016 China's smart phone market share far more than other mainstream manufacturers (more than 4 percentage points more than other vendors).

it is well known that the market volume statistics are divided into sell-in (from manufacturers to distributors) and sell-out (from manufacturers to end consumers). Sell-out data means that the mobile phone is activated to consumers, so it can better reflect the trend of consumer choice.

according to the data released by HUAWEI are in strict accordance with the sell-out data, belong to the real sales, rather than hoard in the channel (the hands of many manufacturers in order to improve the ranking sell-in). GfK agency data selection is also sell-out, so the reference value is very high, but also authoritative.

therefore, it can be said that HUAWEI smartphone market in China to maintain the first in 2016, worthy of the name.

more data can be used as evidence. It is reported that after the listing of HUAWEI Mate 4000 yuan in the market to achieve a breakthrough, to help HUAWEI in December 2016 4000-5000 file share of more than 20%, the chain grew by more than 18%. The first

mobile phone industry research institute according to the coverage of the 25 provinces / municipalities / autonomous region 221 City, the statistical results of mobile phone store sales data under the 9842 line calculation, November 2016 Chinese 20 best-selling models, HUAWEI 8 models, ranking first.

2016" in November, China sold TOP20 mobile phone brand distribution of

combined with today's headlines Shiner 2016 annual report 2016 new mobile phone, mobile phone market one or two line and 345 line city are Android HUAWEI first, a second growth leading line 345; replacement loyalty just behind apple in the first place, Android camp.

HUAWEI mobile phone to explore the growth of the secret

HUAWEI mobile phone market in China can continue to grow, the reasons are multi-faceted interpretation. But basically the industry recognized the great advantage of HUAWEI mobile phones - product innovation, independent chip (Unicorn differentiation advantage) and excellent product experience.

HUAWEI mobile phone to take advantage of these advantages won the line to the three line of the vast majority of consumers. As in April 2016, HUAWEI released P9/P9 Plus with Leica dual camera function, the global delivery of more than 10 million. By the end of 2016, the release of Mate 9, in the camera, chip, system optimization have a huge breakthrough, to keep selling.

in addition to high-end products, HUAWEI launched in 2016 the price of other mobile phone, such as HUAWEI, Nova, HUAWEI head 5 to enjoy 6 thousand yuan machine series, get user acceptance and love.

of course, 2016 HUAWEI brands and channels in the same remarkable. Through cooperation with Leica, Porsche, star Messi, invited Hollywood star Scarlett power, Zhang Yixing, Guan Xiaotong invited two young stars, HUAWEI greatly enhance the brand awareness and reputation.

at present, HUAWEI's brand influence continued to be highly recognized by global authority, 2016 HUAWEI brand to selected Interbrand TOP 100 best global brands list, ranked 72; at the same time ranked fiftieth in performance at the BrandZ top 100 most valuable brands in the world.

through the channel sink strategy, HUAWEI gradually filled four to six lines of urban and rural line channel short board, is to achieve the comprehensive ability of all-round improvement, excellent purchase and service experience to consumers.

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