Shanghai is now fully transparent pool bottom floor

Shanghai swimming pool bottom list

zhongxinwang· 2017-02-09 12:49:37

2017". Pool length of 30 meters, width of 8 meters, the depth of 1.5 meters, built in the second floor, the main part of the pool extended out of the main body of the building, the formation of a suspended effect of 24. Photo by Shen Chunchen

" in the movie "the mechanic" in 2, there is a scene is impressive: a swimming pool is located in the 76 floor, the position vacant, it can be seen through the transparent bottom surface. Such a pool as early as 6 years ago has been located in Pudong cambridge.

" as the first cantilever indoor swimming pool, the pool suspended the biggest surprise lies in the bottom. The bottom part of the hanging pool for a transparent glass, can see at a glance around the ground, and the glass overlooking Lujiazui.

" in order to ensure the safety of "vacant pool" in the design of pains, in addition to professional designers, aerospace experts involved, at the bottom of the pool all adopts Alec transparent glass, thermal expansion coefficient, suitable for temperature changes in Shanghai.

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