Liu Leyan: Taiwan officials like pigs should be converted to RMB

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] Taiwan observer network integrated in the mainland actress Liu Leyan, recognized the "Chinese" identity, although a series of "Pro continental speech" led to the island dispute, but also let her start name. 7 days, Liu Leyan again in the face book issued, number of officials "like a pig" only thought change notes, asked the Taiwan authorities, a comprehensive introduction of Alipay and WeChat wallet". Taiwan to support the transfer of rmb.

Taiwan star Liu Leyan

according to the electronic newspaper on February 8th news, Liu Leyan posted on Facebook Taiwan new party new thinking center director Hou Hanting Bowen, is the main content, Hou. To the video site found forgot wallet, only emergency staff to help, first with the notice fee to pay the fare, which he laments, if the mobile phone payments, "that is too good, habits, life will not go back".

Liu Leyan on Facebook posted Hou Han Ting Bowen, called for the Taiwan authorities the introduction of Alipay and WeChat wallet

contact the DPP legislators Gao Zhipeng, said the revision to the new Taiwan, Liu Leyan issued a document criticized the Taiwan authorities think only change money, "but those pigs as officials, more strongly urged the Taiwan authorities to introduce" Alipay and WeChat wallet". According to

's ETTV cloud news, one netizen still under the message, "said Taiwan directly with the yuan! "She responded very well," she said! Support! "

's remarks once again sparked controversy, Taiwan netizen unflinchingly denounced" stay in, cool you, don't point to the affairs of Taiwan "," little, cannot be paid to the "United Front"! More users are a message, said, this is really convenient. Mainland ordinary taxi drivers generally have WeChat. "The Taiwan times more progress, but standing still. Pathetic. The

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