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National treatment mainland high speed railway

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] the observer network confirmed the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman on the mainland, is considering launching a policy, let the people of Taiwan to enjoy "national treatment" to get more convenience in terms of employment, education, life etc.. In this regard, the Taiwan authorities have a positive attitude to the mainland, Taiwan and Taiwan students also welcomed. However, there are still some concerns and harsh voices.

recently, Hongkong media reports, rumors are being given to the mainland to study the people of Taiwan national treatment". Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Anne Fengshan yesterday (8 days) pointed out that the CPC Central Committee held in 2017 on the work conference, policies and measures relating to the people of Taiwan in the mainland of employment, social security, living facilities, the relevant departments are in accordance with the study of the spirit of the meeting, to be mature after the implementation will be released. We believe that these initiatives will create better conditions for the development of Taiwan compatriots on the mainland, and promote the integration of economic and social development on both sides of the Taiwan straits.

official: Taiwan authorities against

MAC chairman Zhang Xiaoyue 5 days to respond to the "national treatment" rumors, "said authorities are not opposed". According to the

news agency reported on Hongkong, the SEF and the Mac, the Ministry of economy, industrial and Commercial Federation always on the morning of 5 Marriott in Taipei jointly organized the "2017 Taiwanese Spring Festival recreational activities, I opened 45 tables, invited mainland Taiwan Business Association, the outgoing president and incumbent cadres, the main financial legal adviser, Taiwan relevant government department heads, business groups (including the chief representative, representative offices) and non-governmental organizations to participate in.

"2017 Taiwanese Spring Festival recreational activities", Cai Yingwen, Zhang Xiaoyue et al to Taiwan

field pay New Year's call the media inquiry, this year the cross-strait ice breaking high probability? Zhang Xiaoyue said that the beginning of this year, to the good side to think, I hope there is a good opportunity. Also hope that both sides of Taiwan and the mainland can have new ideas, there are more creative, we come together to think of a new interactive model, which is in line with the expectations of the people on both sides of the strait.

Zhang Xiaoyue interviewed by the media before the meeting, for Lu Fang to provide "national treatment" to the people of Taiwan said, "national treatment" if it is working in China life people have no discrimination against us in the mainland to do business or to help them, and in line with the "law" provisions, in line with our "national dignity", "government" are not opposed. As for the

is the mainland goodwill? Zhang Xiaoyue said that at present has not seen a specific program, but she hoped that the people in the mainland can be treated well, I hope to work or study in the other side did not encounter trouble.

and MAC also stressed in response to media inquiries, as long as favorable investment for Taiwanese business development, and not in violation of Taiwan "law" or "state" and the loss of dignity, the authorities adopted a positive attitude .

Taiwanese students: Taiwan do not distort goodwill, welcome!

Beijing throw national treatment, rare Taiwanese? Voice of Germany, said, national treatment proposal in Taiwan may be favored by some Taiwanese, but for ordinary Taiwanese study and business, may not be of great help. "The

report also quoted a number of Taiwan and mainland Internet users on Twitter to treat this" dismissive "comment. Who cares about your national treatment, who is your national? "Forget it. Taiwanese are not stupid. "

, however, Taiwan's China Times interviewed a number of mainland Chinese students in Taiwan are welcome to facilitate measures.

" Taiwan residents mainland sample pass documents (information)

according to reports, the Beijing Tsinghua University student surnamed Chen said, , launched on Taiwanese preferential policies, maybe people will buckle hat, but he believes that if it provides convenience and benefits there is no need to distort, goodwill, also hope that these policies can be implemented as soon as possible.

2016" in April 30th, Taiwan to the mainland first-tier cities interview, hoping to work on the mainland. (China times information)

Peking University Taiwanese doctoral student Guo Han also pointed out that the mainland is willing to stand in the perspective of youth introduced the policy, is definitely a good news for the Taiwan Lu Qing; even if they live to the pension field, but also know that out takes the most is outside of the accommodation, believe that liberalization of foreign hotel limited young people in Taiwan or Backpackers will let many like to travel around the world, there are more affordable hotels can be selected.

Guo Han said, sometimes to other provinces and cities in the mainland visit or exchange, can buy high iron train tickets online, but to the station to counter queuing for the tickets, not like the mainland people directly with the ID card swipe stop, if MTPs can contrast, ID card brush stop, it will bring great the convenience of travel; as for the mainland to Taiwan Scholarship "full coverage", with its own in the North Han Guo said for example, there are some scholarships can receive, if there is more, of course The more, the better.

Guo Han, , active to Taiwan green released preferential policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, in Taiwan, used a broader mind to face the dispute for a long time for the terrestrial terrestrial "three limit six" policy, he believes that the government of Taiwan should be more

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