China proposes to repatriate 80 thousand Africans in China?

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guanchazhewang· 2017-02-09 12:52:21

(observer network synthesis) recently, a report entitled Nigeria government refused to repatriate 80 thousand Africans in China, reported in various social networking sites spread. Nigeria embassy said that this is a complete false news.

reported screenshot

the news that Chinese government proposed the citizens of Nigeria to repatriate more than 80 thousand illegal stay in Chinese to Nigeria, China will bear the cost of repatriation of aircraft, and to each of the returnees to provide 2000 yuan angufei. The source also said that the government of Nigeria can not confirm the identity of these people on the grounds of Nigeria rejected the proposal. Observer network inquiry found that the message from last January began to spread.

8, the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria to accept the Global Times reporter, said, this is a fake news, is a malicious, irresponsible news". Nigerian Embassy said, "China proposal to repatriate 8 John" false news, "Nigeria Chinese refused to offer" is false news.

" in Guangzhou off Africa (map)

this report also said, Renmin University of China professor Jin Canrong also said on this topic, "China proposed for these Nigeria citizens in China out of plane tickets and relocation expenses after the return to Africa, Nigeria the embassy to assist the repatriation of" three non black ", but was ready to refuse and said to the establishment of the city of Nigeria in China, and due to the presence of a passport or a girl to marry and tore China and other issues, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau has a great problem of repatriation.

reported that the speech was published in November 2015 Qilu great talk, lectures organized by the Shandong provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, is an official meeting.

Global Times reporter contacted professor Jin Canrong 7, he said he did not understand the matter, it was someone who had previously on China's illegal immigration problem speech content was changed.

" according to the online lecture, Professor Jin Canrong talking about the non-traditional security issues, related to the problem of foreign "illegal immigrants".

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