U.S. media: Asian superpower is Japan non China

Japan Asia superpower China

huanqiuwang· 2017-02-09 12:52:37

data figure: domestic 052D type destroyer launched

America "businessinsider" February 7th article, the original title: by 2040, the Asian superpower will not be until 2040 in China, Japan will rise as a superpower in East asia. This is our most controversial prediction of geopolitics.

first come to china. In 2015, four in Chinese contribution to GDP, the Northeast coastal economic activity accounted for almost half of the country, central and western regions each accounted for approximately 20% of all land in the West -- but more than half of the China. Large population, the vast land of China to bring many advantages, but also double-edged sword. China does not have the ability to mobilize the population of other countries, large-scale deployment of troops to strengthen national defense capabilities. But it also means more security. And Chinese is a landlocked country, has been vulnerable to enemies.

look at japan. GDP is mainly composed of 4 regions, including the Tokyo region accounted for nearly 1/3. Unlike China, Japan's wealth is more evenly distributed. But in a country with a population of only 127 million, it is easier to achieve equal wealth than countries with a population of 1 billion 300 million. Japan does not need to deal with regional differences and economic divide, only Tokyo's per capita income is significantly higher than the national average.

Japan's biggest challenge is to rely on imports of food and raw materials. According to the calculation of calories, in 2015 the country's food self-sufficiency rate was only 39%. Its energy supply has increased to 91% since 2012.

it is said that Japan's biggest problem is the aging of the population, but the same problem is now threatening china. And Japan is one of the countries that invest most in artificial intelligence research. Unlike China, Japan is an island country, so there is no land on the enemy, and has been formed with the United States Maritime alliance. Indeed, in terms of vitality and importance, Japan is inferior to China, but in the next few years its advantages will gradually increase, the future will become Asia's boss. (Ephesians · Lideman, author George; Mu Yi translation)

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