Russian experts: China has gone all of us

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fighter according to the British "Jane's Defence Weekly" website reported on February 6th, the Russian news agency announced in November 25, 2016 at the age of 90, Ivan · · the news of Mikoyan's death, this is a legendary aircraft designer. Each aircraft is also responsible for the Mikoyan Design Bureau (including the "pivot" MIG -29 fighter project) of the original design team members. Mikoyan's work in the occupation career Mikoyan Design Bureau, the agency is by his uncle Mikoyan created Artem ·.

for those who will be most of the time their own occupation career contributions to many Soviet era military aviation industry, migaoyang died not only means that generation died in one of the few remaining designers, but also marks the Russian aviation industry a more significant loss of various styles of the traditional design bureau methods, each design bureau had a unique R & D fighter. Mikoyan's death has a profound impact on the future of Russian aircraft design.

today, these independent design bureaus have become part of the United Aircraft Building Corporation. A former director of the Mikoyan Design Bureau, said: "these design offices have become their own shadow. The size of the workforce is only a fraction of the peak of the Soviet era. The number of the remaining staff is too small, even if each of them is a genius, there is no design bureau has the ability to design a plane. "

is the traditional design technique of different occupation career Mikoyan disappeared on behalf of, to those still alive in the older generation aircraft designers deplore. In general, these aircraft will change before the independent enterprise as a research to support the Sukhoi T-50 (PAK-FA) fifth generation stealth fighter as the only goal of the enterprise, is regarded as an irreparable loss suffered by the Russian military aviation industry. According to the plane designer's statement was once in the Soviet era leave no stone unturned made of the plane, even more tragic is that the concept has design centers in competition with each other for the reference of the Chinese military aviation industry. Moreover, it was taught by the Russians to the chinese.

Chinese Shenyang aircraft industry group (Shen Fei) once took 20 years to learn how to make (and later in the reverse design of Sukhoi fighter). Recently, Shenyang adopted a mixed design technology of Russia and the west, the development of the FC-31 fifth generation fighter "falcon Eagle".

at the same time, AVIC Chengdu aircraft industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (Cheng Fei) has been committed to the development of a completely different aircraft. FC-1 fierce dragon fighter is a massive redesign of the "nest" MIG -21 fighters, is a modern variant of the light. Another example is the f -10 fighter, the outer look resembles a larger version of the F-16 fighter, imitate Israel Kfir fighter technology, even some recent Russian design research. But

, flying into the design is the most famous with stealth fighters -20 aircraft, which seems to be a long-range interceptor, or is capable of challenging the US Navy in the Pacific attack platform. According to a senior Russian designer said, "the problem is before 1990s, and took many years to buy learning to copy everything we can get from here to the military aircraft manufacturing industry, little is known about the Chinese, now used for system we have abandoned, and are moving to a better direction".

another factor that led to Russia's loss of its former advantage in the field of aircraft design is a significant decline in the electronics and Avionics technologies that support the development of new military models in moscow. At present is still working the other major technology required for developing the new radar, electronic warfare and a modern fighter only those experts, but by Russia in their former "disciple" China comparison problems.

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