He was arrested 10 years ago toy gun was arrested


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" original title: toy gun ten years now being reported caught

Liaoning people in Anshan a few years ago to buy imitation guns ten adorable for personal collection, ten years after the guns by the police identified as "gun". After the court prosecution for illegal possession of firearms. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Anshan iron Eastern people's court was confirmed, in the case of the case will be held on February 14th in Anshan iron Eastern court hearing. In the case of a lawyer Meng told reporters in Nandu, in the trial will be done in the defense of innocence.

likes to collect a military model

Meng, born in April 1976 in Liaoning, Anshan. He was arrested before working in the hot strip mill General Management Department Angang Steel Company, engaged in comprehensive management of armed forces, defend, etc..

2016 August 1st afternoon, was arrested in Anshan economic and Technological Development Zone Public Security Bureau from the work unit to take away, then, the police brought to his home Meng, the collection of 9 toy guns away. The book inspection opinions issued by the Ministry of public security

Evidence Identification Center (property certificate in word [2016] No. 4140) shows that in October 26, 2016, Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau of Anshan City Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of the Ministry of public security Evidence Identification Center for suspected gun 5 inspection opinions as follows: 5 "guns". The muzzle kinetic energy is greater than 1.8 J / cm2, so identified are guns.

yesterday afternoon, Anshan City Tiedong District People's court criminal trial court judge Zhang on the phone in the south are reporters that adorable on suspicion of illegal possession of firearms, the court has been filed, the case will be on the morning of February 14th 9 in Anshan City Tiedong District Court hearing.

adorable uncle Yuan Shaocheng told reporters in Nandu, from childhood love of some adorable, model toys, also subscribed to many weapons such as journal publications, "there are several showcase home, there are a variety of toys, in addition there are adorable collection of guns, planes, tanks, artillery, all plastic. "

Nandu reporter learned that, before being arrested, in General Management Department adorable in the hot strip mill of Angang Steel Company, has been awarded the Anshan Municipal Public Security Bureau to defend the advanced individual, excellent cadre of security cadres and the honorary title, also participated in the flood disaster relief, to help caring for poor mountain children's welfare homes, homes for the elderly, poor households, for many years been rated as advanced individual of the red cross. Leadership in the adorable

told reporters in Nandu, "in the adorable work performance is very good, hard working, suffering from kidney disease also annual blood donation, the annual college entrance examination before driving the candidates to participate in the college entrance examination. Formal channels to buy

10 years ago, the gun

and aunt Tianjin swing booth was accused of illegal gun case is different, Meng buy these guns time is ten years ago. Yuan Shaocheng said, "Adorable online in 2006 bought 7 pieces, one of the most expensive spent more than and 300 dollars, 2007 in Anshan King Street an outdoor goods store and bought two, the two in the price of 100 dollars, are very cheap, and are purchased through formal channels. "

Yuan Shaocheng told reporters in Nandu, identified by police as" guns "of the 5," in fact several teams did not hit a bullet, for more than and 10 years, aprons, air cushion parts are flat, there is an electric battery aging, simply impossible, there is a plastic gun. There are many places off the skin, if you do not care if a year may be deformed, let alone more than and 10 years. Senior game player said these don't get to bb. "

in the case of adorable defense lawyers, a law professor at China University of Political Science and Law, He Bing previously disclosed, in January 19th the micro-blog, he has been to Anshan city procuratorate has submitted an application to review the necessity of detention, and in second days to the Anshan Tiedong court submitted the application to change the mandatory measures. I hope to be able to go home for the new year, he Bing lawyer at the time on micro-blog emotion. However, backfired.

2 8, the same as in the case of defense counsel Meng Yan told reporters in Nandu, he received a notice of appearance in the Eastern District of Anshan railway court in February 7th, the court of first instance and the judge Zhang said the same time.

family members suspected of being friends to report

1 on the morning of 26 am, the first meeting in Anshan, the first detention center met meng. Referring to the situation at that time, Yan told reporters in Nandu, he is much thinner than the photos, it can be said that two people. According to him, the pressure is great. I said a few words of comfort, and asked the details of the case. He collected 9 toy guns, all of which he bought ten years ago. The 7 is to see in Baidu, through online shopping, two in Anshan local King Street (Silong shopping malls) an outdoor goods store. "

Yan lawyer said," he has not considered the gun, but to buy as a collection, do not know the concept of gun identification standards, do not know the standard 1.8 joules. He thought it was in the house, it was a toy.

ho also told reporters in Nandu, in the detention center and meet in Meng, he believes that those 'guns' is to buy a legitimate, do not know the 1.8 Joule / square centimeter of firearms identified standards.

talked about the evening of August 1, 2016, the police went to the house in search of Meng gun, Yuan Shaocheng told reporters the south, home

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