Is Trump fell phone after Australia began revenge pro China

Trump Australia duplex telephone

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today news fire - Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the visit to Australia, answer the question "whether Sino US foreign media said in a battle of the South China Sea," I just want to give us a friend suggested: review the history of World War II, with the historical facts speak, Western journalists, officials to the scene and the screen on the head a lesson.

but after watching the news of the island sister a little wonder. Reports said, foreign minister Wang Yi is in talks with Australian Foreign Minister Bishop after the press conference was such questions, the last year in the South China Sea issue by Ms. Bishop China on, how silent?

with great curiosity, the island sister visited the Australian media reports on this meeting and press conference. You say strange not strange, on the occasion of the opportunity once a year in Australia diplomatic and strategic dialogue, Bishop has only said the two sides discussed trade and strategic economic ties, while the once Australia obsession has been deep in the South China Sea is a question, no comment.

does not stand, is a statement.


said, to change the attitude of the Australia probably started with Trump.

since the beginning of the South China Sea hot issues, until Trump won the U.S. election in November 9th, Australia has not stopped tossing. First accused China of violating international law, and the United States jointly issued a report on the issue of the South China Sea, also sent reconnaissance aircraft to the South China Sea Patrol, claiming to be in the South China Sea maritime patrol. In addition to the United States and Japan as the "South China Sea region, foreign home in Australia, the highest tone naughty huan.

however, since Trump took office in Australia, not only in the South China Sea issue silent, also frequently to Chinese overtures. Former Prime Minister Turnbull China welcomed the accession to the TPP, after the opposition party leader Bill · Xiao Teng said "Chinese rise is not a threat, this is not the foreign minister Bishop also said that Sino Australian relations" (strong) cannot be strong ".

" (the opposition leader, said don't be afraid of the rise of

China) even before because of problems with Horton Chinese the other crazy events South Australian media, recently also tonggaiqianfei. Major Australian media, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, SBS and Sky News, delivered a positive voice. Media "Financial Review" is emphasized, thanks to China's demand for iron ore and coal, Australia hit a new monthly trade high, Australian workers have a livelihood.

so what exactly did Trump do to apologize to Australia?


Island sister around a lot of Australia friends, early in an election at the beginning of Trump expressed their incredible words and deeds, in their view, Trump is totally inconsistent with a "free world leaders" standard, not a politician can act rationally. Island sister in the observation of Australian social media users released information also found that the majority of people holding this idea. Trump was elected on the stage is a groaning.after of australia.

nightmare is just beginning. Trump took office on the first day, on the abolition of the TPP, which can be bad for australia. You know, Australia is a country that relies heavily on trade, except for the export of natural resources. In addition to TPP, Australia also joined the RCEP, also said to participate in the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone; just imagine the trade agreement if thirsty Australia has heard of the signing of TPP yellow, how is the general taste in mind?

most Australians sad, than the first two days of his prime minister Turnbull and a call to the Trump. This plan for up to 1 hours of talk at the end of the time in 25 minutes, and according to U.S. media sources, the phone was hung up Trump. The Australian media and people mad, it is not a direct hit in the face, the boat turned over to say friendship? Although

Turnbull after an awkward explanation of Trump not hung up on him, want to find the face, but Trump for "the call is the worst" 4 times a day in the call but That's final. comments. Not only that, for the refugees angered the agreement of their own on the phone, Trump specially sent a twitter called it a "stupid agreement".

" (Trump twitter screenshot)

now Australia, filled with a grievance and frustration, even were deeply suspicious of the US Australia alliance. Australian media as the "Sydney Morning Herald" said Australia, but once with the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan alongside partners, also for the United States spared no efforts, but now Australia is to accept 1250 refugees you let us, you are not willing to? Our long-term alliance is so not worth mentioning? < /

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