For Sade naojiang Han volunteers remains good return

Sade remains volunteers lubricants

huanqiuwang· 2017-02-09 12:52:58

data figure: the remains of the martyrs home

[global network reported intern reporter Ding Jieyun] according to Yonhap News reported on February 8th, in the Han people China volunteers returned the remains of the martyrs project this year will be on schedule, or may play a role for lubricant Sade anti missile system and the strained relations between South Korea and china.

according to the South Korean government the same day the news, the two countries will hold a working meeting of the Defense Department 15 consultations to return the remains of matters. Is expected to return the remains of more than and 20 at the end of March. So far, South Korea has been buried in the Korean Peninsula armistice line south of the remains of 541 volunteers returned to china.

reported that over the past three years, China and South Korea are in 1 and February at the turn of this meeting, and to complete the transfer before the festival, because this year will be slightly late, which had no outside influence "Sade" There were many discussions. South Korean Defense Ministry said that the two countries have been from the humanitarian point of view it is.

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For Sade naojiang Han volunteers remains good return

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