Japanese media: China's aircraft carrier sooner or later into the U.S.

Aircraft carrier pressure China expert

zhongguojunshiwang· 2017-02-09 12:53:01

map: Liaoning ship

[global network reporter Liu Kun] military Japanese foreign scholars website published an article in February 7th, close drum carrier analysis of the development of China is currently tight gongs, that China carrier plan is "full forward, countries need to be highly vigilant, cut cannot underestimate the strength and ambition Chinese navy".

Japanese media said that China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship from the old aircraft carrier in Ukraine, initially in the name of the sea casino to buy, arrived in China after the transformation of a new, joined the Chinese navy. The 60 thousand ton carrier, although with the nuclear powered aircraft carrier 100 thousand tons of us immeasurably, but compared with Japan's 30 thousand ton helicopter carrier and India 45 thousand tons of second-hand Russian aircraft carrier, will be more powerful.

in recent months, China's aircraft carrier plans to complete a series of milestones, and now no country should doubt China's determination to build a global navy. It is worth noting that, in November 2016, China announced the Liaoning ship to do battle ready, followed by a long cruise in the western pacific. Liaoning ship carrier battle group "symbolic" through the first island chain, into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and around the island of Taiwan into the South China Sea, with a stop in Hainan Island after the return to the north through the Taiwan strait. China has built the world's largest aircraft carrier Wharf in Hainan Island, length of 700 meters, is about two times that of the United States Navy Norfolk Naval Base 400 meters in length, two aircraft carriers can be docked at the same time.

Japanese media said, China sooner or later into the eastern Pacific Fleet, when Chinese carrier formation appeared in the United States Coast that day, will lead to a fierce debate about the rules, if the core interests of the region China warships to enter the United States, it will "shake" the United States unilaterally imposed Chinese pressure, Chinese carrier is expected to experience cruel geopolitical competition.

in addition, the recent Chinese second aircraft carrier Shandong ship also received a lot of attention, which is expected to ship this year will be tested on the sea, the East China Sea or Beihai may become the fleet of Shandong ship, Liaoning ship replica is basically the same, the use of ski jump off the deck aircraft performance is inferior to that in the United States, France and Brazil steam catapult takeoff mode. But it is estimated that China third aircraft carrier will use the steam ejection technology, 1985, Australia to Chinese a crippled aircraft carrier, allegedly China on the steam ejection device of reverse engineering.

even more surprising is that military experts believe that China progress in electromagnetic launch technology is very fast, even for the United States this is a revolutionary leap in technology, equipped with the new Ford class aircraft carrier, is still not mature, compared with the traditional steam ejection technology, electromagnetic catapult lighter, smaller size, more energy saving, but also more expensive and difficult to maintain.

Japanese media said, before the China rear admiral Yin Zhuo said clearly, China possible application of electromagnetic launch technology in domestic carriers, many Western experts believe that this statement is too optimistic, but the latest progress of China carrier program show that the outside world has underestimated the strength of Chinese Navy and ambition".

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Japanese media: China's aircraft carrier sooner or later into the U.S.


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