U.S. Secretary of state changed not stop Chinese war into the South China Sea will suffer

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huanqiuwang· 2017-02-09 12:53:05

2" on Sept. 2, the U.S. State Department in Washington, the new secretary of state Rex Tillerson (front right) to address the employees.

Reference News Network reported on February 9th that the new United States, defense secretary Matisse said it was not necessary to mobilize the military in the South China Sea, there is news that U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson downplayed the previous "sea blockade theory", was renamed the United States to be in the "accident" has the ability to stop China behaviour in the South China sea. According to Singapore "

Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on February 7th, scholars interviewed said that the U.S. diplomatic and military officials took office, made more rational and pragmatic, new progress is welcome.

reported that U.S. President Barack Trump during his presidential campaign last month before the inauguration, published several hints of Sino US relations may lead to the conflict of speech, for example, the construction of Chinese criticism in the South China Sea Island, known to increase the number of U.S. warships, the Sino US relations to add uncertainty. Under this background, Matisse Tillerson, recently released from the attitude of softening and regression signal U.S. defense and diplomatic policy is the mainstream, to Chinese a little reassurance. Answer

Tillerson January broadcast live in the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the said: "we will have to send a clear signal to the Chinese first, stop the construction of the island; second, you will not be allowed near the islands". This speech was widely reported by the media. Some international relations experts worry that if the United States really blocked reefs stop China enter, almost equivalent to the Chinese war.

but according to the written answer a day before the spread of the Internet, seemingly Tiller sen in the same hearing, his position became more moderate, not so absolute. A spokesman for the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 7 confirmed to the Japanese media that the document is true.

reported that, according to the document, Tillerson no longer Chinese shall cease construction reefs in a written reply. He said: "once the accident occurred, the United States and its allies, partners must be able to stop Chinese through access to and use of reefs, pose a threat to the United States or its allies and partners. "

this means that Tiller Sen may through the written answer, clarify the oral argument before, that he does not believe that the United States should ever stop China out of South China Sea Islands and reefs, just make sure that the United States has the ability to do so at the time of the accident. The new position is closer to the United States, consistent, mainstream foreign policy.

on the other hand, the new defence secretary, also released a reassuring signal Chinese let. Matisse's visit to Japan last week, said the United States does not need to carry out large-scale military deployment in order to suppress China's actions in the South China Sea expansion forces.

reported that Chinese observers believe that Tillerson and the latest statement of the position of the previous statement of the more rational and realistic, Mr Peter Ron F, Mr. U.S. government officials recently on the South China Sea issue, showing a greater degree of realism, which is welcome. "

analysis says, Trump may be deliberately put on a tough stance, the bottom line can not predict the attitude, so that the first to a run, in exchange for a negotiation advantage. However, Chinese and American scholars believe that this strategy is very dangerous.

reported that the United States and China are the two largest economies in the world, is also the nuclear powers, so if the threat of force, who also win the duel will suffer. It is better for you, good negotiation.

report also pointed out that the United States has also expressed concern about the uncertainty of Trump's policy toward china.

a group of Chinese experts in the United States on February issue of the 5 report to the White House, warned that the uncertainty of Trump's style of action may make Sino US relations precarious. Xia Wei, chairman of the panel of experts and director of the center for the U.S. - China relations at the Asia Society, said in an interview with the guardian, "the present situation is very dangerous, because it is too difficult to predict by Trump. "

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