Old photos reveal the beauty of the South China Sea coveted long-standing

The United States Nansha South China Sea secret

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data figure: U.S. Navy exercises in the South China Sea

[Global Times special correspondent Zhang Yichi] the United States to the coveted long-standing, an old photo of the U.S. Air Force official recently released, throws a little-known history. The parties recalled that in 1956 the U.S. military had hidden in the South China Sea, the South China Sea and other places to carry out illegal geodesy, so that the United States to fly to the Asian continent to obtain more accurate missile target parameters.

the United States Air Force official website recently published a photo record of a soldier 1374th U.S. Air Force squadron of Surveying and mapping in 1956 in the Nansha islands work scene. The hero of the story is Bob · he was an air force radar operator, and he was a member of the. In 1956, 22 year old Cunningham served in the air force soon followed, secret army, was sent to an uninhabited island on the Spratly Islands "China stationed for 6 months. He remembered that the island's name is "North danger island". At present, the North Island is known as the north northeast of the island, north of the island, controlled by the Philippines; north of the island is known as the southwest reef.

et al found Cunningham landed on the island, he is not the most advanced in the island, a team consisting of 6 U.S. Air Force officers radio relay team has been stationed in the island, the final two troops stationed together in the woods. The 4 man team of Cunningham and all the equipment, drinking water, fuel and rations by helicopter from the tank landing boat deck transported to the islands. Every 4 to 6 weeks by helicopter with a supply, sometimes supplies by air. According to Cunningham, he is one of the most vulnerable on the island. But he had a college education, so is responsible for handling a little technical content for radio and radar equipment, a top secret project of these equipment belongs to the United States Air force mapping of the earth, they are measured by the earth plane. Aircraft equipped with special equipment to fly in a special route, and the distance of hundreds of miles of ground stations to send electromagnetic pulse signal triangulation. This data will be calculated high-precision coordinates, and ultimately provide the target data for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

in order not to attract attention, these men were ordered to take off military uniforms, wear casual shorts and canvas shoes, sandals and cowboy hat, usually at work. However, they remain alert at all times, pistols and rifles are basically out of the body, because there is intelligence that pirates and other threats will be active in the surrounding waters.

soon after the information in the "threat" came out: an unidentified gunboat to nearby islands. It is equipped with a main gun and multi machine guns, fire enough to sweep the island's only light weapons u.s.. Cunningham, they are most worried about things happened, the gunboat seems to find the movement an uninhabited island, the island suddenly turned to coming, on the island of us suddenly tense. Soon, the U.S. judge from a banner hanging, which belongs to the Kuomintang troops China gunboat. We soon saw many boats sailed to the nearby islands, some of the officers standing in the boat. Cunningham recalls, "they came to see who we were and what we were doing. "Because not to expose their true identity and purpose, on the island of Americans do not talk directly with the staff and gunboats, just along the coast with palm leaves spell USAF (USAF abbreviation). The gunboat on the crew "kindly waved" left.

in another "accident", Okinawa fishermen on the shore, intends to catch fish with the exchange of drinking water. Cunningham said in his memory, "they are very curious to see the 50 foot antenna and the radio station that we have erected for the radar. "These outsiders can not see clearly what their attitude toward us, but also very friendly, so they are not worried about leaks.

than the "accident" and "threat" even more intolerable to Cunningham and others, is a boring island life. At the beginning, experienced sergeant with painting, crafts to improve the camp environment, even created by coconut juice wine. But the monotony of life quickly overwhelmed these efforts, the daily life of some of the contradictions and even to the development of a person threatened to kill another person's point. To quell the conflict, Canin and others warn technical sergeant, the situation may be out of control, "when necessary to use weapons". Fortunately, the situation is under control, the trouble was withdrawn last month, only Canin and stay on the island for technical sergeant. The report revealed similar top secret military surveying and mapping activities around the world, has lasted for more than and 10 years.

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