Russian expert: part of the U.S. nuclear targeting China

Experts the United States nuclear weapons China

huanqiuwang· 2017-02-09 12:53:22

data figure: U. S. militia 3 intercontinental ballistic missile

[global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported] Russian satellite news network reported on February 9th, Russia's "motherland arsenal" magazine editor Mulla Hofs Ki believes that the United States in its new nuclear military doctrine may focus growing in nuclear power China. The United States Air Force General David

· Godwin fee; so before told reporters that the United States will reconsider the use of nuclear weapons and military doctrine. The United States Congress asked the U.S. government to put forward a new nuclear military doctrine. The last time a new theory was put forward by the forty-fourth president of the United States, Obama, on April 2010, the unclassified part of the document was published.

Mulla Hofs Ki said: "the United States is now part of the nuclear weapons turned to China, the reason is that China's nuclear power is growing.

also stressed that the United States is still the main opponent of russia.

Siv Kopf, President of the Russian Academy of geo Political Sciences, said that Mr Trump could make changes to simplify the decision to use nuclear weapons against potential enemies in washington. According to experts, this will first involve Iran, the country is developing its own nuclear program. Korotev Yisi C Dze, editor in chief of

's national defense magazine, said the new nuclear doctrine might be considered to give up the first strike, and the withdrawal of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons from europe.

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