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] observer network comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Losangeles on 8 February, (reporter Guo Shuang), the United States space exploration technology company (SpaceX) said recently, in the state of Florida launch next week after being put into use, plan every two or three weeks will launch a rocket. If all goes well, the company in 2017 to launch the rocket will reach the highest number of history. But now the Falcon 9 rocket distress rocket engine turbine blade crack problems, safety problems.

SpaceX had planned according to the frequency of launching its Falcon 9 rocket in September last year, but the Falcon 9 rocket explosion in Florida, Taiwan on Cape Canaveral Air Force base, the plan was shelved, until January this year to restore the "Falcon 9 launch.

the company president Gwen · Schott Maxwell 6, said in an interview, at Khanna Vilar air force base angle transmitting station maintenance work is still in progress, the cost is far lower than the construction of a new launch pad.

SpaceX rocket engine manufacturing workshop

"we should be able to every two to three weeks of launching a rocket," Schott Maxwell said Monday in an interview with the Reuters. SpaceX was close to the launch last fall, but in September 1st, the accident caused the company to slow down again. The blast damaged a $200 million Israeli satellite and caused serious damage to the launch pad. The new launch pad

at Kennedy Space Center, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Station to the north, cost about $100 million. In addition, SpaceX has a transmitting station in California, the fourth station is located in the state of Texas, currently under construction, but the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows only the launch year of the 12 mission, of which a maximum of 2 heavy Falcon 9".

"Falcon 9 rocket launch, pictured with a core version of the

landing support after the company told the media that there are about 70 launch plans currently included in the agenda, worth more than $10 billion. Since the beginning of 2010 to launch the "Falcon 9" since, SpaceX successfully 27 times in the 29 mission, launched in September last year in addition to the Israeli satellite failed outside, in 2015, by the "Falcon 9" execution to the international space station to transport supplies the CRS-7 task also failed due to reasons of rocket explosion.

2015 CRS-7 mission when the rocket exploded,

will lead to failure of the mission of NASA and the U.S. Air Force on the rocket engine may be a security risk concerns, Schott Maxwell said the company plans to change the design of the "Falcon 9" engine turbo pump is expected in November 2018, and the first manned test flight before installation. NASA

(NASA) and Boeing and SpaceX respectively signed a contract for the construction of CST-100 spacecraft, which built the "dragon" ship, the goal is to secure the American astronauts to the international space station as soon as possible. In addition, space exploration technology company is one of the two companies to launch military satellites and national security satellites for the U.S. air force.

observer network commentator said, SpaceX in the latest Merlin -1D engine after a sharp increase in the engine core components of the turbine blade cracks. As a gas cycle up to 348 seconds than kerosene engine rushed, after pressing the function of every component in the limit, the normal work of the turbine pump will not only affect the performance, safety and is closely related to the rocket. In particular, the current SpaceX in the recovery of the rocket core level after repeated use of the situation, the safety of repeated emission is guaranteed, the SpaceX will be a considerable test. In the case of such a heavy launch mission in 2017, if any accident, whether it is the launch delay or the worst rocket launch failure, it will bring devastating consequences.

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