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one morning, in the vicinity of the Tokyo Institute of women's secondary school, a girl carrying a big bag in desperately running, the mouth seems to shout to be late! Be late for!" < p > the girl named "the son", was the granddaughter of Japan's emperor, is the crown prince and Princess Masako only children, the title of "the Prince", is a princess. In theory, it is possible for her to become the queen of Japan in the future. Your

for the princess, why to run to school < since the son has the potential to become Japan's future queen, such an important figure why not direct car shuttle to school? < p > in fact, son and parents living in the palace imperial palace from the school about 15 minutes by car, the Imperial Household Agency in order to ensure the son of safety, adhere to to drive his son to the school gate, but was the crown prince of the opposition.

, the crown prince, if directly to send his son to school, easy to show his son, but also is not conducive to the son and students equal to get along with. < p > so only agreed to send his son to school near a ordinary people don't pay much attention to the corner, then let her beloved son goes to school on foot.

for this reason, the crown prince also specially personally to the spot reconnaissance, estimate that a turning point to get off, not too will be the students and teachers attention. < p > to avoid the son of specialization, bodyguard reservoir in everywhere

] with in Princess side bodyguard < p > from the turning to the school gate, more than 200 meters distance, and through two red lights. The agency fail to beat the crown prince's idea, finally agreed to let her get off the bus to go to school on foot. The results of

appeared son for fear of being late to the 200 meter sprint scene. Prohibition of] school in

bodyguard entry < and in order to avoid the attention of other students, four bodyguards is usually dispersed around the alert, and will not immediately son.

school, the school gate waiting for the bodyguards also try to avoid sudden distance, special love.

what is the convenience of the Japanese princess? Who is

in the spring of this year started to become a junior high school students. According to the provisions of the Japanese government, the primary school lunch is provided by the school, middle school students at noon meal, must bring their own lunch. School women's secondary school is no exception.

so, the son is not a person to do a good job at noon lunch after a good time to pinch to the school?

a princess lunch

this is not possible. Aiko's lunch, his early in the morning from home, noon, and students together in the classroom together to eat, eat natural is cold food cold dish. It is reported that

, whom they were, almost every day there is a piece of cake egg, she likes this piece of soft egg cake. A piece of fish every day is also essential.

the princess is a special person to make it?

here is a question, who is to make lunch? The agency said, is his mother masako. < p > crown prince a residential Palace Royal nature have chefs, however, every day at noon, the daughter of lunch, Masako must be hands-on. She

get up at 6 in the morning, her daughter began to lunch. Every day the color is different, but the egg cake and the fish block is certain. 7:10, son with mother's home school lunch.

] Princess Aiko and Masako < Masako in the era of high school students, but also with her mother to do the lunch to school. < / P > < p > Masako / > his mother, she did not forget the passing of a, maybe she feels, a lunch box is small, but it is to maintain the family warm, let children perceived maternal love best link. < p > is under the education of Princess Masako, Princess Aiko's academic performance very good, transcripts on each branch is 5, often can rank the forefront of the whole grade. According to the family and the crown prince very close yuan members of the royal family: "Princess Aiko especially like Mandarin, she likes reading, meet can't read the Chinese characters will read Kanwa dictionary learning. Sometimes reading to see the princess Aiko will sleep, often at 12 midnight, still holding the book. Cause the crown prince had to urge her to go to bed.

recently Aiko learning ability, is to let the people around are scared of a fright. Yuan also said: "members of the royal family Princess Aiko every time Chinese characters can take 100 basic test. Although occasionally mistakes get full marks, but encountered will not read or write Chinese characters, Princess Aiko will be in the notebook will these words to write 100 times is like in self reflection as. " When the

in the low academic year Princess Aiko, she was actually some want to befriend those parents and Royal children. Now the son have many good friends, every day she had a very full. In recent games, he also actively participate in various activities. < the Japanese Imperial Household Agency staff said that Princess Aiko and not the automatic enrollment of Gakushuin University, she wants to go to university is Japan's first Tokyo University. Crown Princess after marrying into the royal family, over the years are not suitable for the body. But now with the healthy growth of the princess, Crown Princess heart ignite a new belief, that is, let her daughter was admitted to the East, will have all the negative energy into positive energy." < p > you as one of the heir to the throne and princess, this girl in the expectation of the parents, is to lived a civilian life, and do not allow yourself to become special.

China's part of the rich two generation

not to mention the rich two generations, two generations of school and school, sure to be a luxury car shuttle, we first talk about the ordinary car family children.

in the morning to get up and cried and cried and said the food is not good, not easy to wear good clothes to go to school, face is full of the expression of resistance to school, a part of the children were too spoiled.

delta to the school and parents on the sea the < say lunch < school meals rarely eat rich second generation are is collective at noon eat out, every meal cost is low, the teacher can not control. Why? You dare to control, there may be second days you do not work.

] Chinese rich second generation gluttony < Japanese Princess Princess do eat lunch, grew up will let her know what is Thanksgiving, what is hard to come by.

China's rich two generations, over indulgence, learned only to spend. < p > rich second generation students students take < of reality show off their wealth, of course, some of the above content may be biased, but China does have a lot of rich second generation grew accustomed to the life of the superior, extravagance and waste are nothing, of course, Japan also has some such cases, this we also need to be treated equally.

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